Sunday, March 06, 2011

thank you for being a friend

i'd rather be overdressed than underdressed. i went to one of my young women's school musical this weekend and i was pretty excited to bust out the sequins. sure, i was pretty much the only one who planned an outfit for the ocassion, but i felt great. i see too many sweatpants at special events and i'm taking a stand. sweatpants are for exercise, hanging around your house and robbing banks. and of course, post-thanksgiving dinner.  
jacket- kohl's
sequin tunic- thrifted
jeans- gap forever skinny
shoes- jessica simpson
i felt like a younger, shorter, less crabby version of bea arthur in this tunic. i could actually hear the golden girls theme song as i pulled this over my head. it was like putting my ear to a seashell and hearing the ocean. i just hoped the previous owner hadn't died in it. you just can't wash that sort of thing off.
and the chevron detail is pretty fun too.


Elaine said...

Good for you!!!! I love the sequins!

Anonymous said...

Gosh! Love the sequins, I've been looking for silver or gold sequins but your purple ones are so fly, love it!

<3 Cess O.

rebecca said...

woah i love the sequins shirt. i've really been wanting more sequins items in my closet. such a fun way to dress an outfit up!


LiLi said...

Well, thank *you* for putting the song in my head! LOL! I've been hearing it nonstop since I went to bed last night... This includes getting ready for bed, trying to sleep, waking up, going to the dentist, driving to work, having a meeting, sitting in the office. "...and if I threw a party, and invited everyone I knew... you would see, the greatest gift would be for me, that the card attached would say thank you for being a friend..." Imagine that on replay :-D

Oh by the way, apart from your great taste in TV programs, I also absolutely agree on overdressing. I always say it's ok to be overdressed, as long as you look good. Fortunately, sweatpants on special occasions are not as commonplace here. But I don't like jeans in the casino either, as an extreme example. It's a freaking casino night! Dress up for god's sake, people :-)

Leah said...

LOVE these Jessica Simpson shoes!

Kaitlyn said...

a. i love the golden girls!
b. you totally rocked the sequins.
c. sweatpants definitely should not be worn to special events! you know.. i only own ONE pair of sweatpants. crazy.

Laura said...

LOVE that top!
Born To Be Styled