Tuesday, January 30, 2007

pageant recap

miss oklahoma won. she was under the radar the whole time. i kept forgetting she was even a contestant. nothing about her stood out to me. except the bottom half of her evening gown. the black sequins looked like shimmery, wet leather. and i sort of liked that. and once again miss mississippi and miss alabama made it to the top 5. they deserve prizes just for consistency. but miss oklahoma? i thought her performance was iffy and a little pitchy, her answers to the interview questions were asinine, and she seemed to have as much personality as a block of wood. i was really rooting for miss mississippi. her talent was incredible(pianists do not get the credit they deserve) her answer to the question about hurricane katrina was DYNAMITE!!! and she maintained a decorum and poise about her that surprised me. at first glance she looked like a flighty sorority girl; she must have had one heck of a pageant coach.
anyway, i DETESTED miss georgia. and it pains me to say that. thomas wanted to kick her off the stage. i found her unpleasant to look at, her talent mediocre, her answers to interview questions inappropriate and confusing(she liked "no child left behind" but she doesn't like testing??? i'm not sure what that means) and i was ECSTATIC that she didn't win. we already have tara conner making a fool of herself. we don't need miss america acting the same way.
i did like miss texas but i thought that she did seem a bit unpolished. but not bad for her first real pageant.
final word-miss utah- i must say that i am always a little skeptical of miss utah contestants. having lived in utah for five years and being born there and also a daugther of utah pioneers i feel a kinship to the state. but recently i have been greatly disappointed in the contestants in this pageant and miss usa that are byu students and alum, but don't look like it. being miss utah while being a byu student means to me that they will look a little more modest than the rest of the pack. and katie millar filled that order. i thought she did a great job on the evening gown competition and it looked like she even added extra sleeve fabric to her introductions dress, and i must say that her swimsuit competition dress was EXCEEDINGLY modest. is there such a thing a too modest? or should i just say not flattering. mad props to her to being forthright with her standards, i just wish she could have picked something a little more exciting and lost the grandma sash around her waist. if the swimsuit competition is supposedly about physical fitness(which i have my doubts about) then the sash and suit did not make her look any more fit or muscular. i think the sash actually made her look like she had more weight than she does, and she is a very petite girl. so i took the liberty of picking a few other options for her if she chooses to pursue the title of miss utah usa in the future:

still one piece suits but a little more exciting. is this wrong of me to want my good mormon girls to have some pizazz???

Monday, January 29, 2007

here i am, miss america!!!

tonight is the miss america pageant on CMT! i am so excited. everyone needs to watch. this national institution is becoming more and more neglected and overshadowed every year. i have always wanted to be in a beauty(scholarship) pageant, but the whole swimsuit competition sort of deterred me. now i have my sites set on a mrs. america pageant. i can only dream.
speaking of, last night i dreamt that i was miss missouri and that i had a big fake hair piece on and i was waiting with the other contestants for them to announce the top 20. if only i had dreamt i was miss alabama or miss mississippi. they have the best track records of winning or high finishes. then i would have made it into the top 20.
my picks for tonight- miss arizona(long shot, but so endearing-loved her on the CMT pageant school program)miss mississippi, miss michigan, miss arkansas, miss kansas(as much as it pains me to support anything from kansas)and even more painful to cheer for is miss tennessee. i hate rocky top! but her name is blair pancake so she can't be all bad! and who i don't want to win after i read that her career ambition was "to integrate theatre into a pediatric clinical practice" is miss connecticut. is it just me or does that sound REALLY contrived???

my miss america picture with my best cheesy smile. i happen to be pretty good at those.

this bib is available for only $5.00. if this baby is a girl, you know she will be getting one!!!

a final word-dr. 90210 is a mormon. am i the last to know this??? how did i find this out, you ask? simply blogger stalking. a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend has mentioned on her blog that she saw him at their chapel one sunday when they arrived early. she had heard rumors that he was in the same stake, but the same building??? yowzers. who'd of thunk it? not me FO SHO! and let me just add an "eww" to that too.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Surprise! i am tired of liberal hypocrisy. this is a report from the website "a socialite's life". is anyone else out there tired of the liberal "media"(termed used VERY loosely in this case) constantly picking on conservatives about everything they do? jenna bush was mocked by the media for being an underage drinking wild child. now that she is trying to do something respectable with her life, a la angelina jolie, she is dull and "unsexy". perhaps if she promoted the forthcoming book on tv talk shows drunk like danny devito, then she would be accepted.

US News reports that Jenna Bush is shopping a book proposal around.
You can soon add the title of author to first daughter Jenna Bush's résumé. Whispers learns that the 25-year-old blond twin of Barbara Bush is shopping a book proposal to major publishers in New York City. We're told that the project is vague and that she's initially only gauging publishers' interest. The White House wouldn't comment, but others say it will be a young-adult book based on the former grade school teacher's experiences with charity causes in Latin America. It ought to sell: She's represented by super lawyer-agent Robert Barnett, who squired her around publishing offices in the Big Apple earlier this month. The profits will go to charity.Ugh. This chick was so much hotter when she was running around wasted and smoking up with Ashton Kutcher in a halter top. Writing a book and donating the proceeds to charity is so unsexy. It borders on dowdy, even. So sad. A virtual spinster at 25.-a socialite's life.

there you have it. jenna's a drunk and they hate her; she's a philanthropist and they hate her more.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

photo contest entries

my brother david submitted this photo of himself. he was on his way to a "bad christmas sweater party". ingenius idea. i may need to copycat that idea next year.

thanks to rachel for sending in this photo of her husband joel, and some
random man that wandered into her sister's wedding reception. i don't know what i feel worse for, the jeans he is wearing or the chair he is sitting in. rachel is award 20 bonus points because joel is in the photo.

i still have more contest photos to post and if you have some late entries i am still accepting photos.

Friday, January 12, 2007

take a seat, this may take a while

storytime-please have the librarian reading the story to the children at storytime be able to read basic words. today i took reagan to storytime and the book read was Olivia Saves the Circus. each time the librarian was supposed to say lion tamer, she would say lion taNer. i was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt being that we are in alabama and sometimes our accents get the best of us, but she cleary and confidently said numerous times: TANER. what in the world is a taner?

a baby story on TLC-i usually don't watch this show because i can't stand watching women give birth, especially with no medication. that doesn't make me excited at all for july 6th. today i just happened to be watching the program and the nurse/midwife gave completely wrong and bad information. i hate when nationally televised programs with some credibility have people on there that don't know what they are talking about. even worse, this woman was assisting a new mother. the nurse/midwife stated that she really hoped that the mother-to-be would avoid a cesarean section so that she could have a vaginal birth in the future. WRONG!
from the mayo clinic website:

"Years ago, a C-section ended any hope of future vaginal deliveries. Now, however, most C-sections involve an incision that is unlikely to tear during a subsequent labor, so vaginal birth after Caesarean section (VBAC) is a safe option for many women."

this was a very recent episode of a baby story, so the chances of her doctor using an incision that would leave her unable to have a vaginal birth in the future is very slim. i think some people just like to scare people.

speaking of scaring people...

Rosie O'Donnell- i just want her to SHUT UP!

i feel the need to take donald trump's side in their little spat just because she is sososo annoying. and she is a loser and a bully. sure, i think that trumpster should have given miss usa her walking papers after the whole underage drinking, alledged drug use and promiscuity debacle, but it is his organization so he can do what he wants. i'll just maintain my opinion. but rosie as a bastion for morality??? what is she talking about? her failed broadway musical "TABOO" was glorifying debauchery and sex. her magazine "rosie" was a flop. she sued the magazine publisher who claimed the failure of the magazine was due to O'Donnell's uncooperative, rude and violent behavior within the magazine's offices. Of note was a former magazine colleague and breast cancer survivor who testified that O'Donnell said to her on the phone that "people who lie die of cancer."
furthermore, on her show "the view" or as i like to call it, "the view of liberal narcissists", rosie loves to be a know-it-all and throw out "statistics" about her causes. i think she believes that manipulated half-truths are statistics. don't even get me started on her FBI statistics about pedophiles. that one REALLY steamed me. blatant lies to promote the gay agenda. once again, i do not appreciate people peddling their skewed thoughts as truths on tv. get some correct information and maybe i'll listen.
i used to watch "the view" occasionally because i liked elisabeth hasslebeck, the lone voice of conservatism and abstract thought on the show. but since rosie has been on the show, lizzie seems frazzled and tired of being constantly attacked and belittled for her beliefs and just agrees or remains quiet most of the time. i hope the show tanks.

the office- if you are not watching this show, i hope you are reading your scriptures or in a coma. last night's episode was genius. i always enjoy the episodes, but this season has been more funny than laugh out loud and roll on the floor hilarious. last night was fresh meat. WOW! phyllis is a sales rep? and a clever one at that? andy, i don't know whether to applaud your deceitfulness or hate your awful guts. your deceitfulness made me realize my deep and abiding love for dwight, as ridiculous as that sounds. i can't wait to see what angela has planned for you as revenge, but i bet it involves cats. and i know it will be scary and painful. she is one wicked christian. andy, thanks for being the spice this season, you horrible, no-good twit.
of course, who would have thought that dwight would have been the one to sacrifice it all for love? that angela is a lucky girl.
michael, you are a competent salesperson! i guess you had to be made manager somehow. surely, if angela doesn't castrate andy, you will at least see his poor salesmanship and fire him because of that. a wonderful episode indeed.

target- i used to dread making returns at target because they have absolutely unhelpful staff and there always seems to be a loophole to their returns policy. but there has been a breakthrough. for christmas, my m-i-l bought me some maternity shirts. they were both ginormous(i have no boobs) and there was no way i could wear them. the clincher is that she bought them online and had no store receipt. i did have the online printout proving the purchase and price. i took all my items and printout and braced for the worst. the sullen cashier told me that my computer printout didn't count as a receipt, but that they did have a new computer system where you could try and look up and print out the receipt. she pointed to a kiosk and that is where all help from her ended. fortunately, the system can look up a sales history from your online purchase id(or from your name, i think) and create a new receipt for you. hurray! i quickly and easily found the receipt, printed it and i was able to return both shirts for FULL PURCHASE PRICE!!! now i have a gift card for target! i can't wait for the spring maternity lines to hit the store so i can go on a mini shopping spree!!! (how frugal am i that i consider a $40 gift card a shopping spree?)

sidenote-i bid on a maternity shirt on ebay,
however, it wasn't until later that i noticed it was in british pounds. the shirt is still a great deal, i am just a little uneasy about how much it is going to cost to ship this $4 shirt from scotland. any experienced ebayers have some suggestions? i am still waiting to hear from the seller.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


1. write in my journal weekly
2. write to my missionary family members weekly
3. family home evening every week
4. eat vegetables daily
5. exercise only when i feel well, not because i want to
6. following weekly cleaning chart
7. read a book to reagan everyday
8. go to bed at 10:30pm at the LATEST
9. do my visiting teaching every month
10. avoid tv shows that i don't want my children to watch