Monday, April 30, 2007

queen of the trailer park

i had my hair colored by a professional stylist on the 19th. i had been to this stylist before for haircuts and had been quite pleased. this was my first color appointment with her. wow, check out my roots. this color isn't even 2 weeks old yet. before you say, well, "pregnant hair grows fast", this is ridiculous. i like the color palette she gave me, but she must have been scared to death to get even close to my head.
now i have two choices:
keep my hair this way and try to find a trailer park that would like me to be their queen
pay to have it touched up
which makes me wonder, how soon is too soon for a touch up? i don't want to fry it or anything like that. and going back to the original stylist isn't an option because she is 5 hours away! yikes.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my barf list

lately i have been compiling mental lists of things. i am a big list fan and a fan of descending numbers. just today while i was running errands i was trying to compile a mental list of songs that i would put on my ipod, if i ever figured out what that was and what i would do with one if i ever got one. seriously, i do know what an ipod is, i just feel like my mom around the dvd player when i get around ipods. especially at the gym. so shiny, so high tech! where is my walkman? i digress.

anyway, one time my friend rachel said that she wants to barf when she sees nicolas cage because she can't stand his voice or his face. so i have a list of people that make me want to barf when i see them, read about them or hear their music. enjoy!

my barf list

rosie o'donnell-bleaugggghhuh. stoopid, uninformed and revolting. like a bully on the playground. you are completely uncouth. at the recent NY women in communications gala, rosie made disgusting remarks about people she didn't like using anatomical gestures and vile word choices. hilary clinton and other elected officials were present. i don't like hilary, but i have a speck of politeness for her as a human being to not have to listen to someone spewing filth and passing it off as humor. plus, this was a ceremony honoring people. not a forum for rosie to spout of half-cocked. has she no decency? have i mentioned that i actually like donald trump more because of rosie???

sean penn-thank goodness you went to iraq and met with sadaam hussein to insure the U.S.'s safety. what would we do without you? does hollywood career give you a ticket to political genius? obviously.

whoopi goldberg-again, making comments about people while referencing body parts? unacceptable.

lindsay lohan-clothing, not overrated. try it sometime. and wash your face, you are greasy!

green day-hate their music, hate wannabe intellectual message. quit complaining and try and do something positive.

john mayer-clear your throat before you start singing! for the love!

fergie-yes, you are in shape and your boobs are huge. do you have anything more substantial to offer? and bytheway, 1999 called and they want their eyebrow ring back.

alan colmes-
uncanny resemblence?

AKA the skeletor of fox news. perhaps if you did some research you would have some type of response to the people you are interviewing that you don't agree with. and maybe you should practice your triumphant smirk in the mirror. right now it just looks like you smelled a poopy diaper. and finally, do you ever go outside? could you at least go to a tanning bed? i can see your veins through your skin!!!

elton john-you are old and bitter. i miss your good music. now you are all sequins, no substance.

honorable mentions-
mischa barton-i liked the oc. and then you morphed into marisa in your personal life, forever banning you and your show from my allegiance.
julia stiles-keanu reeves in woman form. the worst actress. ever.

and now a short list of public figures i enjoy:
glenn beck
joel mchale
gary sinise
celine dion
condoleeza rice
hilary duff
hmmm, shorter than i thought. i'll have to think on this one.

Monday, April 23, 2007

dunder mufflins

awhile back i posted that i was going to create a dessert called the dunder mufflin. the result was delicious and wonderful in everyway.
items needed:
one package of you favorite brownie mix
all the ingredients for your favorite chocolate chip cookie mix OR one tube of ready to bake cookie dough.

stir up brownies as directed and spoon into muffin lined muffin tin. bake until nearly all baked through. then spoon chocolate chip cookie dough on top of brownie muffins and continue to bake until cookie is ready. cool on wire rack.
ENJOY your double decker dunder mufflin.
*note the inspiration behind this recipe is an episode from season 2. i think it is the one where they are having the halloween party and angela is upset at pam for bringing brownies when angela brought cookies. angela said that you couldn't have two items like that together. i guess this recipe proves them wrong.
these pictures are of reagan after he wandered into the kitchen the next morning and spied the dunder mufflins on the counter. i was eating my breakfast and i noticed how eerily quiet it had become. note to new mothers-quiet does not mean they are just playing nicely. it means they are doing something they know they shouldn't and they are hiding from you. reagan was leaning against the fridge eating his dunder mufflin for an after breakfast snack. it amazes me how tall reagan is. the mufflins where nowhere near the edge of the counter.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

heidiluxe's hot list

i am dreading carrying another diaper bag around for the next year. i was only too happy when i finally shed reagan's bag. however, this bag has a lot more hot mama potential. washable cotton exterior and roomy, flexible interior. large dimensions, but not too large: 13x19 inches. the only drawback is that darned beaded handle. that will feel great, digging into my shoulder while i lug around a baby carrier and 2 year-old. i wonder if i could thread a more comfortable strap through it?

i am all about flip flops, but i have been keeping my eyes open for a pair that is a little more sleek. plus, those dirty foot stains that get on regular plastic flip flops are so yucky. and unavoidable it seems. hurray for black soles!
(plus, the old woman in me wants to kick other adult women that wear cheap-o old navy style flip flops to church.)

this breadbasket keeps its contents warm up to 350 degrees! and it is lime green!

love this flatware.

i just LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair color. being that victoria beckham is a true brunette, i don't think these shades of blonde are too far fetched for her. now if only i can get into contact with her style team and get myself signed up for a beauty session.

saw this maternity dress on another blog. the dress is HOT and the mom looked fresh and fantastic! and lime green! (though, i wish they sold that chick's knockers with the dress. WOWEE!

am i truly old when i start craving things like a dustbuster? this one is compact enough to fit in my church bag. perfect for after sacrament pew clean-up.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

everyone here is extremely gruntled.

more than just gruntled. ecstatic. new episode thursday night. if you are dead to the world and completely unaware of what is going on with this, the best show currently in production, check out my SIL's blog, this will get you up to speed. the newest episode is entitled the negotiation and is a scheduled to be aired from 7:00pm until a whopping 7:44pm!
here is my quandry, while i do love the jim/pam drama, i like the fact that jim has a fun relationship with karen. bytheway, karen(rashida jones) is the daughter of quincy jones. no kidding. jim just needs remake his bed and then sleep in it! i think pam should date toby. that would be a fun stir to the pot! and i can't wait for andy to come back from anger management. love that andy!
in honor of this festive occasion, i am creating a special dessert which i have called "dunder mufflins". they will be a brownie-cookie-frosting concoction in a muffin liner. i will post pics soon.
also, after the show, stick around for 30 rock. love it. hilarious. completely my sense of humor. rural juror anyone?

Monday, April 02, 2007

i am a winner

i subscribe to lucky magazine. i used to love it, but now i find the contents just "alright". i am a little tired of the fashion director, andrea linett, and her unending quest to "toughen" up a look. i enjoy a variety of looks, not just rockstar girlfriend style. if i could read just one issue without reading "toughen up your look with a whip or a flat motorcycle boot" i would be pleased as punch. but i digress. included in lucky each month are about 35 different contests that you sign up for online after you get your issue. i used to be crazy about trying to win, but after nearly 5 years of not winning, i only occasionally will enter a contest. well, truth be told. i actually won!
voila! the 24/7 FREEZE lip plumping pack! it is about the size of the free samples avon sends you with their catalouge, but who cares! I WON I WON I WON! that is more exciting than the prize. i am now experiencing the maiden voyage of lip plumping. it actually burns a little bit. hopefully it will get better with time. i will post my new plumper lip photos soon, as today has been one of those bedraggled mother days. not drying my hair, 90% humidity and storm clouds all day, sunglasses acting like a headband at target. this all equals lions mane hair. how is that for a "tough" look andrea linett? would you want to mess with me today?