Monday, April 30, 2007

queen of the trailer park

i had my hair colored by a professional stylist on the 19th. i had been to this stylist before for haircuts and had been quite pleased. this was my first color appointment with her. wow, check out my roots. this color isn't even 2 weeks old yet. before you say, well, "pregnant hair grows fast", this is ridiculous. i like the color palette she gave me, but she must have been scared to death to get even close to my head.
now i have two choices:
keep my hair this way and try to find a trailer park that would like me to be their queen
pay to have it touched up
which makes me wonder, how soon is too soon for a touch up? i don't want to fry it or anything like that. and going back to the original stylist isn't an option because she is 5 hours away! yikes.


Emily said...

I have a similar dilemna with hair.

I always feel so bad about going back for the stylist to fix something I don't think they did a good job on. I'm a big chicken.

My lady totally died the bottom half of my hair a REALLY dark color, and Jeremy now teases me about being gothic just to get a rise out of me. But she said oh don't worry, color always fades out...

So I seriuosly went home and washed my hair 6 times!!! Shampoo and conditioner... even scrubbed baking soda in it, b/c i hear that strips your hair. well, my hair has faded a bit, BUT it is still SO MUCH darker than I asked for!!!

So now, I get to live like a goth princess until my next appointment. I schedule my cut/color appointments every 2 months. I cna last 3 months during the winter time when I have lots of low lights in the mix....

that's my 2 pesos.

Valoree said...

Well, I look like a skunk right now. At least your roots aren't grey! It is so frusterating. I feel like I color my hair all the time!

Caroline said...

I can't believe your roots are that bad in just two weeks! I would be pissed because I'm sure it wasn't cheap!
Your still beautiful even if you are "queen of the trailer park"