Sunday, January 22, 2012

tact and filters and gray and arc training

GRAY! i love you so and i always will.
cardigan- old navy
tank- thrifted
skirt- thrifted
shoes- target

while i normally just say whatever comes out of my mouth and hope people aren't offended, i've come to realize that's probably not the best course of action. having a filter on my mouth might be a good thing. today someone expressed distaste to me about one of my opinions and i thought, "wow, that was rude!" and then i thought, "i do that all the time. I'M RUDE!(but usually right. hahahahaha!)". so, i shall do better. i will try to only say rude things in my head. or on this blog. and i will try and use some tact when my opinion is required. 

the point of concern was on my color choice for my new baby room. 
my baby room inspiration:
i love this. i love that you could take out the crib and the toys and it would look great with a couch or a table.  but apparently not everyone thinks gray is an appropriate baby room color. but i do. so there.

completely unrelated thought:
i've had to give up running in recent weeks. my pelvis and pregnancy just aren't friends right now. it's been like losing a trusted friend whom i love and loathe at the same time. unfortunately, my back pain has just been too much for me. sometimes i can run around fine and then other times i lose my legs from underneath me and i end up on the floor. i've had to resort to new measures. thus far i tolerate the arc trainer. it's almost like running but with almost no impact. and i can work up a better sweat than on an elliptical. 

my glutes currently look exactly like this. exactly like this.

and perhaps if i spend enough time at it i can enter an arc trainer marathon. sort of like a treadmill marathon, but less hard but probably equally boring.

tosh.0 hermosa beach treadmill marathon

Saturday, January 21, 2012

the most important thing i wore today

the most important thing that i wore today was my "i voted" sticker i got after i voted in the south carolina presidential primary. it's a great feeling to exercise my right, my privilege, and my duty. 

 this week i actually broke down and bought a couple of things to stretch(literally) my wardrobe for the next 15 weeks. i know, that's all! we're getting close! and we still don't have a name, but we do have a paint color for baby X's room.

 t-shirt- from target. i like the weight and length of this shirt. it was $10 and i bought a size small. the only drawback i have that i feel the v neck stretches out by then end of the day. i'm not a big fan of layering t-shirts so i just added a scarf to keep everything important under wraps.

jeans- old navy maternity smooth-panel skinny jeans. i can't believe this, but i love these jeans. they are not mom jeans. the panel feels like swimsuit material and therefore doesn't cut into my gut and create an unflattering seam . bonus- i look like a regular person from behind. the pockets sit on my fanny instead of 5 inches above or below their rightful place, like i'm the one wearing a diaper. these jeans recognize that i'm not just a mom, i'm a woman. 

purse- timi and leslie diaper bag. thomas gave me this for christmas and it's a dream. it doesn't even look like a diaper bag. i am already carrying it and my baby is still on the inside of my body. no disney characters or silly gewgaws for me thank you very much. 

Thursday, January 05, 2012

the real deal

a haiku to debra:
you sent me new clothes
when i was nearly without
i am now your slave

no joke. without debra of i dream of anthropologie, this would be a topless picture. while that would probably up my readership numbers through the stratosphere(not to toot my own horn but pregnancy has been my friend) but that's not the angle i'm going for on this blog. about a month ago the lovely debra sent me a package full of clothes that she had thrifted for me so that i could dress this pregnant belly. i've never met debra before in real life. she did this out of the blue and out of the goodness of her own heart. thank you deb for taking a chance on a kid like me. i am indebted to you.
blouse- thrifted via deb
sweater- old old old
belt- gap
pants- target
boots- ebay steve madden

this is how i laugh. i was watching a community rerun. that show cracks me up. they are on the brink of cancellation so they are doing whatever the heck they want. and my 13 year old boy brain loves it.

both these images are from the same episode:

final note-
i saw this at target today. scarlett is never allowed to play with a ken doll that looks like this.
 1. his is hair flat-ironed a la billy ray cyrus.
2. that is a woman's belt he is sporting. i'm not that progressive.
4. men in tank tops gross me out. and the fact that he is wearing a knit mugger cap with a tank top is especially disconcerting. his head is cold but his arms are not? really? pick a side ken! emo truck driver with an affinity for stealing young girls grosgrain belts just isn't working.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

bellbottom girls, you make the rockin' world go round

i don't have as many resolutions this year. i feel like i'm just keeping my head above water lately. so improving myself is going to the wayside a little bit. i'll try to improve in a few ways, but with a new baby on the way, 2012 may be the year of just getting by.

1. no junk january. my favorite resolution every year. after the sugar deluge of the holidays, it's always nice to detox for a month. this chik-fil-a cookies n' cream shake was my final indulgence. plus, baby X isn't too keen   on too many junk food items, much to my dismay.  
2. be nice. i know i can do it. it will take work and effort. i have a very limited natural ability to be nice so i definitely need to learn to develop this skill over the next 12 months. 

3. run a half-marathon in october. i think about this one all the time. i can't wait for my hips to be my own again and to get back into training. 

4. vacuum my stairs more often. not just when people are coming over. stairs are a workout in themselves and i have two different staircases to manage. 

5. create follow a budget as if my life depends on it. for everything. especially menu planning. 

6. find a real lip color. chapstick is not a color.

cropped sweater- thrifted by my darling deb
blouse- michael kors
belt- fossil
jeans- old navy
shoes- steve madden

*pregnancy fashion tip- these jeans are not maternity jeans. i bought these high-waisted flares for $9 a couple of months ago. they are a size too big from my normal pre-pregnancy size, but they are perfect for months 4 and 5 of pregnancy when maternity pants my still not fit properly. i wear these pants all the time. i wish i had bought another pair. 

Sunday, January 01, 2012

seize the booty

i love pirate's booty. i'm not embarrassed by this declaration. it makes me feel like i could be in a 17th century nautical gangsta rap video. i could eat it everyday. in fact, i do! i even cleared out wal*mart's shelves a couple of weeks ago. apparently they aren't going to carry it anymore and i got the rest of their stock for 38 cents a bag. i don't know where i will go for my fix in a few weeks.
blouse- JCP
dress- shabby apple cleopatra
boots- enzo angiolini

though the crunchy, puffed air and white cheddar are delicious, i think my favorite part is when reagan calls them pirate's sha-booty. and that's just adorable.

happy new year. resolutions to come. i like resolutions almost as much as pirate's booty.

the end