Monday, November 28, 2011

celebrity firing squad

if you could shoot any "celebrity" with a hard-tipped dart(please. this is a family show), who would it be?
just off the top of my head:

1. anyone from jersey shore
2. urban meyer
3. katherine heigl (i got you merciblahblah. she BUGS.)
4. miley cyrus
5. ben affleck
6. jon stewart
7. kristen stewart
8. ashlee simpson

and this pregnancy has made me shy away from pattern mixing, which is normally one of my favorite things on earth. i also haven't really enjoyed nutella or meat products. 
this is as wild as i get these days:
cardigan- kohl's
dress- chadwick's
shoes- jessica simpson

speaking of impaling kristen stewart, i had lukewarm thoughts on the breaking dawn bella swan wedding dress. 

i think these photos from alfred angelo website are much more flattering than the gown on kristen stewart in the movie. mostly because, unlike ms. stewart,  this model has hips and bosoms. (or boozies if you talk like my sister.) i think the secret to this dress being successful is having a body in which to adequately fill it out. 
otherwise i thought it looked like a stretch satin gymnastical leotard on almost bony kristen stewart. 

the back was pretty, but i still don't like the stretch satin with the lace. any other fabric would have been a big improvement. 

final note:
i guest-posted on i dream of anthropologie!!! and i even sound positive!!! sorry i'm such a drag. really, being a drag seems to be my schtick. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

heidi bundy

jacket- target
blouse- thrifted
jeans- gap forever skinny(HAHAHAHA)
shoes- steve madden

secrets revealed:

 please tell me you know and have utilized this trick. you don't even have to be preg. it's perfect for holiday parties. 

a numerical breakdown of today:
16 week baby squashing my bladder
ran 3.1 miles this morning
made 2 dozen brownies. need to make about 4 dozen more brownies for young women in excellence at church tonight
20 pages read in a book about magical animals that i was embarassed to check out from a librarian at the liberry whom i refer to as professor tat because of his harry potter glasses, polo shirts and sleeve tattoos. not my most creative nickname but it works in a pinch.
paid $10.20 in fines at the liberry this morning just so i could check out aforementioned embarrassing book.
2 brownies snitched from the church pile, because brownies are one thing i am very good at making.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

sweat shop

these are the sweatpants i have worn 5 out of 7 days a week for the last 10 weeks. i love them. i have become a stereotype and i don't care who knows it. i was even able to ride my bike to the park with the kidlets and go down the slide without showing my bizness to the world. so, maybe sweatpants aren't of the devil. 

scarf- express
cardigan- old navy
t shirt- target
sweaties- spalding
sneaks- converse via target

and after not liking anything for sale anywhere(the worst morning sickness side effect) here are a few things that have thrilled my eye in the past week or so:

talbots. you had me at houndstooth. i want to get this and hostess a christmas party. but not do any of the work or planning. i'll just direct the merry maids and the caterers. 

and it is my goal is to not look like i am wearing maternity clothes. because 99% of maternity clothes are ugly. UGLY. par example:
i find the belly ruching completely unnecessary. yes, i am gigantic. let's emphasize it with a strategically placed waistband and pleating.

but this is acceptable. even the horizontal stripes are flattering. (most likely because she weighs 98lbs pre-maternity.)
Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Exclusive Red Skinny Jean

or this:

Image 1 of ASOS Maternity Exclusive Midi Skirt In Lace Print

Image 1 of ASOS MATERNITY Button Back '60s Swing Dress

and this is my idea of a diaper bag:

and one of the most inspirational thrifters is know. diana von furstenburg at a thrift store? somehow deb found it. 
this is great post on all the fantastic brands she found thrifting: i dream of anthropologie
and she's cute.

Monday, November 07, 2011


so, in the last 10ish weeks i've been MIA. and i have several really really good reasons. 

1. i am great with child. 15 weeks this wednesday. i've been tired like you wouldn't believe. i've worn sweatpants a LOT. 

2. i have had the sinus infection that just wouldn't quit. for 3 solid weeks.
seriously. i finally broke down and went to a doctor today. dr. long hong. i kid you not.that's his real name. feel free to giggle or cringe. he prescribed me some pills that i would not sell on the street for $1 million dollars, so don't ask. i can't wait for my face to hit the pillow tonight.

3. i just knew the kardashian/humphries marriage was doomed from the git go. i found it so hard to think of posting trivial things when something this monumental was falling apart. who is next, khloe and lamar? say it ain't so! it made me so sick that couldn't tell if my gagging was due to morning(all day) sickness or the complete waste of time and money and space and energy and clothing that anything related to the kardashian sisterhood unreality is. and yet i'm STILL talking about them.  

if we're facebook friends, you've already heard my thoughts on the impending kardashian divorce:
"never trust a big butt and a smile." -bel biv devoe

BUTT(so punny) that being said, one of my favorite saturday night live sketches of late has been the lampooning the the kardashian sisters. i even laughed at kristen wiig this week, whom i do not find funny. at all. and i know i'm alone in that opinion. and that's fine.

4. i'm bizzy. and i like to read and that takes up a lot of time. but i have a BRILLS bookish idea for a blog post series. i'll enjoy it. you prob won't. i still do it anyway. 

the end.