Tuesday, September 25, 2007

if you've got an opinion, today's your day

a-how do you feel about the pairing of black and brown. honestly, i am usually anti, but recently i noticed a trend in deep brown boots tucked into jeans with black tees, sweaters and/or jackets. and i sort of like it if it is a casual, woman about town outfit. opinions?

b-skinny jeans? are they truly heinous or truly outrageous? in the aforementioned question i mentioned tucking jeans into boots. that pretty much requires a skinny jean. i think it is quite chic. however, how do y'all feel about skinny jeans and flats? or skinny jeans and heels?

c-for the moms out there, how do you guys deal with clogged ducts while breastfeeding? when i was pumping for reagan i had them all the time and that was one of the main reasons i stopped pumping and put reagan on formula at 4 months. with scarlett i have only had a few clogged ducts, but this one is the clogged duct from hell. i am deathly afraid of getting mastitis and being good for nothing and hating life and everyone that crosses my path. ideas? input?

finally, always good for a laugh-

this chick obviously doesn't remember the 80s the first time around. yuck yuck yuck.

Monday, September 24, 2007

the saga continues...

November 6th
mark your calendars fellow gone with the wind aficionados! that is the day Rhett Butler's People is released, the second sequel(or partly prequel) to GWTW. let's hope and pray it is a million times better than Scarlett, the first sequel. though i do consider anything not written by margaret mitchell herself a bit apocryphal, i am excited nonetheless.


i frequent a blog of someone i don't know. i check it at least once a week, sometimes more. something that she wrote a few months ago has been on my mind ever since. she wrote that she really wasn't into politics or any particular party, she just voted for whomever she thought was the best person for the job.
ahem, my rant will begin now...
this is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. i have heard numerous people make this same comment. they want to vote for whomever has the best personality or is the most charismatic in a debate or an interview. those are good things to look for if you are a beauty pageant judge, but not if you are looking for someone to represent you in congress or someone that will become the leader of the free world.
i won't bore you with any of my political views; this isn't a rant to get you to vote a certain way. this is to encourage you to study up on political platforms before you vote. you don't have to agree with every single point of a party, that is nearly impossible, however, you should be able to find a party that best represents you. then, unless you absolutely find that person completely obnoxious, the candidate from that party is usually the one you should vote for. this, based on research and evidence, makes them the best person for the job. not just because they seemed nice in their interview on oprah or you like the TV show they used to have a recurring role on.
for more information, here are the websites of the two largest political parties in the US of A:
good luck and godspeed