Sunday, June 17, 2012

post partum

having a baby is pretty great, but the cruel irony is that you have this delightful bundle of slobber and none of your clothes fit. plus, if you are breastfeeding, you have to wear two-piece outfits for easy access. so getting dressed has been pretty low on my priority list of late. plus, in the last month my laptop died, i dropped my phone in water, got a mom haircut, started a fitness plan and my big kids both got out of school for the summer. blogging has been just above cleaning the refrigerator in importance. this is pretty much a head's up that if you read this blog strictly for "fashion"(or whatever i've been pretending to do), sorry. this blog is heading back to it's original format- writing about things that make me laugh or bug me with the occasional fashion commentary thrown in for good measure. so, girl who emailed me about not blogging enough even though i just had a baby and threatened to take me off the blah blah blah fashion bloggers directory? go for it. i'm quite alright with my sporadic blogging and i'm not losing sleep about losing readership. this is a hobby. my family is my life.

but i did wear this today:
 the skirt is from tjmaxx. i got it for $13.

yesterday i was supposed to be grocery shopping but i was a little depressed about the fact that i was wearing the same threadbare sweatpants again and i rolled over to the maxx instead. i don't want to make a huge financial commitment to new clothes, but i've got to be realistic that even if i get back to my former size, everything is going to be in a different. after my other 2 babies i eventually got back to the size that most of my clothes are, but even then stuff was wonky. and it's not even completely a weight issue. my hips are different, i'm a woman and a food source at the same time and loose skin is just part of the deal no matter if you lifted weights your entire pregnancy. i miss being fit! i miss my muscles and nothing tastes as good as fitness feels. so i started the jillian michael's 30 day shred. let's do it together! it's only 25 minutes. it's intense but i still have time to love on this diaper filler: