Sunday, March 28, 2010

legs glorious legs

everyone has at least one great feature. i really like my calves. and that's probably why i love high heels and knee length skirts. they accentuate my positive. i don't even care that i am pale; i'm avoiding cancer and premature aging. i don't care that my feet can hurt occasionally from wearing heels too long. it's worth it. i feel confident and happy. heels and a skirt can change my whole attitude. it's part of my recipe for happiness in my appearance:

big hair+high heels+freshly shaved legs=HOLLA!

am i so dorky that i still say holla?

fave item- pleated full green leaf print skirt from target purchased for $4. i feel mod and modern at the same time in large graphic prints.

what's your favorite feature? what feature do you secretly love? i secretly love my gray hair. not really, but i do hope that it grows in like stacy london's gray streak.

Friday, March 26, 2010

not excited

about this look making a comeback. really not excited. avert your gaze because it is going to be at wal*mart(natch), amusement parks, tire stores, restaurants, the lake and movie theaters. ALL SUMMER LONG. no one should wear this. this top is a headband and these "overalls" or not-so-overalls look painful. i am sure that no doctor could condone the wearing of these.

and you know who will wear this? teenage girls and moms who wish they were teenage girls and moms of teenage girls who wish they were still teenage girls. i shall dub this outfit, the "stretch mark magnifier". even if you are not a prude, you will want to throw a blanket over this fashion and modesty debacle. she might as well be wearing an ace bandage. at least that serves a purpose. this outfit screams, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME! I CAN'T MAKE GOOD DECISIONS! OBVIOUSLY, SINCE I PUT THIS MONSTROSITY ON!" but probably without the word monstrosity since i can't imagine a wearer of this outfit having any kind of diploma.

the end.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

back in black

remember a while back when i asked your opinion on which dress to get for my sister's wedding?
i ended up ordering the deep V martin + osa dress first and i LOVED it. that is until my husband said it looked too casual and too big on me. and that meant a lot coming from big T. his comments are usually the opposite. so, i took his words to heart and ordered cleopatra from shabby apple. i liked it. i wish i could say that i loved it. it was fun and pretty, but i didn't like the material used. it felt too much like a t-shirt. so, in short. martin + osa was the right fabric, wrong cut and shabby apple was okay cut, cheap material. and a little too see through as evidenced by the photo below. but that's my fault for not picking a black slip.

the only good shot of the front, and it's not a good picture of anything else:

nice and drapey, but i still pine for martin + osa. darn. and now they are all sold out. because i really need another black dress. really. i simply will never have enough.

old house new house

old picture taking spot:

fave item- last year's easter dress. bought from chadwicks. so cheap. so cute. plus i had a 40% off coupon. either i am getting older or chadwicks is getting cuter.
ps- are easter dresses a big deal to you? they are to me. did you get a new one when you were little or do you still try and get a new dress now that you are an adult? this year may be a bit tight, but i am still going to try and squeeze a new easter dress into the budget. for tradition!

new picture taking spot:
fave item- new impressionist style floral flats from target. got them for 10 bucks. love them. they have a rubber sole and everything.