Sunday, March 28, 2010

legs glorious legs

everyone has at least one great feature. i really like my calves. and that's probably why i love high heels and knee length skirts. they accentuate my positive. i don't even care that i am pale; i'm avoiding cancer and premature aging. i don't care that my feet can hurt occasionally from wearing heels too long. it's worth it. i feel confident and happy. heels and a skirt can change my whole attitude. it's part of my recipe for happiness in my appearance:

big hair+high heels+freshly shaved legs=HOLLA!

am i so dorky that i still say holla?

fave item- pleated full green leaf print skirt from target purchased for $4. i feel mod and modern at the same time in large graphic prints.

what's your favorite feature? what feature do you secretly love? i secretly love my gray hair. not really, but i do hope that it grows in like stacy london's gray streak.


Carie said...

I have really great arms. My best feature by far. Skinny and toned and no flapping of the tricepts as of yet.

Love the skirt. Legs look great. N

amanda said...


I love the white cabinets. I can't remember how to spell cabinets. I think that's right.

My 'breast' features right now are the boobs because my milk just came in and wow.

But in about a year they will be shriveled up raisins again.

At least I don't have back aches!

megara said...

holla!!! LOVE IT - and i love it when people admit what they love about themselves. so refreshing!

and thanks for the gone with the wind tip - i love the movie but have never read the book. my sister feels the same way about it as you

MissRochelle said...

My best feature happens to my stomach which is currently huge and full of stretch marks. How jealous are you?

kidding about it being my best feature. Best? swollen feet for sure. :)

Love that denim 3/4 sleeve top tho.

PS- I was driving in the car the other day and hear "sweet home alabama" and thought of you. It made me sad!

Laura said...

As Larry the Cucumber would say:
I love my lips!

Tsephe Letseja said...

your calves certainly are your best features. They look great. I just have one question though. Are genetically inherited or are they a result of some kind of intense physical activity (exercise)?