Wednesday, April 30, 2008


i purchased some cookie dough from the neighbor kids about 6 weeks ago. i thought that was an exceptionally long time to wait for incredibly expensive, prepackaged cookie dough. normally, i go to great lengths to avoid buying things that the local urchins are peddling, but in this case i softened. i need to be a good neighbor and i thought $12.00 would buy some pretty fantastic cookie dough. seriously, for 12 bucks it should have been laced with crack! when the cookie dough finally arrived i ripped open the plastic and grabbed a spoon(it had been a while since we had had sweets in our house. like a whole 24 hours). to my dismay i discovered that we had not been sold cookie dough, but i big cow patty in a tub. completely unappetizing. i ate some anyway hoping that perhaps gross looking was the new delicious, you know, sort of european. no. not at all. it was only tolerable when it was baked in cookies. next time i'll save my discretionary cash on something that i know will taste great. in the future i will just pretend i'm not home when the neighbor kids are out selling their wares to raise money for our schools that are actually supported by my property taxes. what, taxes not enough? they want my blood too? i digress. the sweetest taste will be hiding on the floor of my kitchen next time they come around.

Friday, April 18, 2008

cousin jess

what is the deal with jessica simpson? while i can't stand most of her "music"(term used loosely), looks, personality or dating decisions, i love her shoes! i already have one pair of jessica simpson shoes that i adore and when i went shoe shopping last week, every pair that appealed to me were emblazoned with the name jessica simpson! the best decision she ever made was listening to whomever picked her shoe design team. (you can't tell me she is actually designing these shoes herself. while she has made a bundle acting dumb, i believe that she is actually very smart. but not smart enough to design shoes.)
these are my two faves:

i know, the are very reminiscent of stripper shoes. but something about them is so appealing. i love a good wedge, on my feet that is. very glamorous summertimey. i can't wait to wear them to the zoo...after i convince thomas i need them.

three of my favorite shoe details,
a- cork
b- wedge
c- black patent
i can't go wrong!

Monday, April 14, 2008

mormon women everywhere

i found this link on one of the blogs i read. i think this is fantastic.

also, for all you lovely sisters out there, know that i am thrilled to be in membership with you. i love knowing that there are other sisters out there online, in my neighborhood, in my town, in my region, in my time zone, from all over the world and from my past and in my future that are striving for righteousness. knowing this strengthens me and buoys me up in difficult times.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"homemade" fajitas

i love to cook, but i hate what happens to my house and my life when i try to take on a big cooking project. everything seems to get impossibly messy and disorganized and at least two people are screaming before the project is completed. sometimes the 2 screamers are my kids and sometimes it is just me screaming loud enough for two people. i digress.
fajitas have become one of my favorite dishes to prepare, not only are they mostly healthy, they taste fantastic. they do seem to require a lot of planning and thinking. and that can be a luxury around here. while the fam was living in fun-gomery, i discovered this little fajita helper. it's like hamburger helper, but it actually tastes good and isn't completely chocked full of sodium. just some sodium. and you have to have some sodium or you will have an electrolyte imbalance. at least that is my excuse to pour salt all over my food. this product is called john soules foods chicken breast for fajitas. it comes in a big plastic bag in your meat section of wal-mart. some wal-marts don't carry it. they are crazy. our currect wal-mart doesn't carry the beef version, only the chicken version. they are both fantastic. and chicken is lower fat. so you can eat more. i always buy the uncooked version, but they do have a pre-cooked version that only requires you to reheat and serve. i am sure it is good too.

dinner is in the bag(HA)!
the finished product:
i used to buy fresh peppers, but they have gotten so darn expensive i have started buying the frozen pre-chopped version. it still tastes good. my secret is to cook the peppers in their own skillet. once they are mostly cooked through, i strain them in a collander. do not rinse with water while they are in the collander. then i put them back in their skillet for a few more minutes. this reduces excess water in the peppers and keeps them crisp. no one wants a mushy fajita. finally, add the peppers to the fajita meat skillet. delicious!
thomas likes to add avocados. he scrapes the innards out of the skin and spreads the innards on his tortilla. place meat and peppers mixture inside, wrap and enjoy! delicious!