Tuesday, November 03, 2009

dress design for shabby apple dresses

this is my dress design for shabby apple dresses. have you visited shabby apple dresses? you should. i love them. modesty and fashion are not mutually exclusive and shabby apple is a great example of that. also, be sure to check out the yellow rose bridal because they also carry shabby apple dresses!!! if virtue is power, then virtue in action promoting modesty through fantastic clothing options!
i have entitled my design "sundae picnic", because it was a treat to design. so punny.

as you can see, i am hardly the world's best sketch artist, but i've got vision. this is a one piece dress with the look of a three-piece ensemble.

the top half is a crisp white blouse with short sleeves, pearl button closure on the arm and a large inverted pleat on the chest with mulitple rows of pintucking down to the waist.
the waist has a large banded waistband in the fabric of the skirt and sits on the natural waist. it can either be worn with the belt/sash or sans belt. the belt/sash can be worn in three ways.
1. tied as bow on hip or front or back
2. tied as an obi sash in the front
3. add a large O ring and make it a belt. my vision is a natural wood ring.

i suggest that the colors of the belt/sash should include bright goldenrod yellow or animal print.

the full knee length skirt details include a large inverted pleat that mirrors the inverted pleat of the top only without the pintucking. the fabrics i envision for the skirt include a rich green floral print or a royal blue dupioni shantung (silk, but realistically polyester). for funnsies i would include a touch of tulle for shape and the great sound of the fabric rustling with the tulle. who doesn't love that?

my inspiration for this dress came from several classic movies. picnic with william holden(delish!), west side story and a little bit of the sound of music. the sound of music is probably best reflected in the green floral print.
add a pair of open toe heels in a complimentary color or print(houndstooth anyone?) and you are set!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the link, I was unaware of shabby apple dresses, and now I think I know what I want for a present! I deserve a new dress, right? Church is hard enough with a kiddo, that getting dressed shouldn't be hard too.
I love your design by the way, watch out Project Runway. Oh and I saw a girl dressed as Scarlett for Halloween and thought of you of course!

Livin' Single said...

did you know that i had all of the sound of music lyrics memorized by the time i was four? it's in my baby book.
love the dress, and you are the perfect person to design it. i'm afraid that my attempt would come out looking sunshine generation-y.
you should really start a line.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Oh my! OH my! OH MY! I LOVE it! Heidi, you are simply fabulous. That is an A-MAZING design and I love the fabric suggestions. Oh, I hope you're in the top 15 so I can vote for you. You are awesome.

Becca said...

Beautiful, Heidi!

Nicole said...

WOW!!! Love it!!!! Color me impressed!!! for reals! I would totally buy it, do I get a discount for being your friend!

Sarah Beck said...

wow, you are talented girl!!! You should have your own company!

DMC Studios said...

I was going to enter that but I haven't done it yet. When do you find out if you've won. You should win. I have the black...dangit I can't remember the name...but it's the wrap one with 3/4 sleeves and a collar and I LOVE it! I even incorporated it into my Cindy Lou Who costume somehow.