Wednesday, December 20, 2006


sure-eee, my ymca nemesis is claiming that she is done with spinning class. while in class on monday, she broke her bike,(she claims that she was riding it too hard, of course) and that she was forever done with spinning. this was her fourth bike that she had "finished" and she was taking it as an omen for her to quit. i don't care what she says, i just hope that she isn't getting my hopes up and she really is quitting. i shall keep you posted.
also, a gripe:
i have noticed an overwhelming number of vehicles that do not get out of the way when an emergency vehicle is approaching. this drives me INSANE! what more does an ambulance or fire truck need to do to prove that it is going to an emergency? do the sirens and horns not mean anything? do they think it is a parade? twice in the past two weeks i have seen car pull out in front of emergency vehicles, hindering the speed and the agility of the ambulance. call me crazy, but aren't we as drivers supposed to pull over to the side of the road until emergency vehicles have passed? i have even had drivers honk at me because i was slowing for an ambulance. thoughts on this?

Monday, December 04, 2006

it's fun to fight at the Y-M-C-A!!!

i take a spinning class(group bicycling class) at the ymca at least 3 times a week. i love it. it is fun and interesting exercise. i have made friends with fellow members and instructors. while i am not an overly athletic person, i feel like a do well at spinning. i have good form and i have really built my endurance up. here is my problem. there is a lady that also attends the ymca and does spinning classes. she attends the ymca daily and spins at least 3 times a week. her name is sure-eee(phonetically). she is very chummy with many members and instructors and she often submits music to be played during class. she has claimed a particular bike as her own(so have i) and almost always attends the same classes at the same times. here is my problem...she feels the need to SING and SHOUT all through class. it is almost non-stop. she calls things out to the instructor, she shouts "motivation" to the rest of the class, she shouts random conversation type comments to people she knows. while i find that spinning class can be very personal and introspective, i also enjoy some class cameraderie. i am not requesting complete and total silence. but, there are many times that i cannot hear the instructor's instructions or words of encouragement because she is so OBNOXIOUS and LOUD. she often brags that she has two sets of lungs, one for spinning and one for singing. what else bothers me you ask??? well, she also likes to brag that she never gets enough workout from the classes and that she can out exercise any instructor. according to her she can spin for 4 hours. if you are not feeling challenged from your workout, it is time to change it up. muscles can get used to the same thing day after day. complacency in exercise will stop your body from burning calories and building muscle . if you are singing and talking for 45 minutes and claiming that you aren't even breaking a sweat or breathing heavy, you are either lance armstrong or you need to try something else because you are not getting the workout you are needing. she is no lance armstrong. while she does have nice calves, she does have a lot of weight to lose in her arms and middle. something isn't right if you claim you are working out harder than 2 percent body fat instructors and you still have excess weight. is that mean? i don't want to be mean,(honestly) i am just observant and descriptive. finally, i want her to stop singing more than anything else. she can brag all day and all night about her athletic prowess if she would just shut up with the incessant singing. she loves to submit christian pop music and then sing "PRAISE JESUS, WE ARE NOT WORTHY, HALLELUJAH!". worse than that is when she doesn't know the words to the songs and she just makes them up. today was classic! the theme from james bond was one of our warm up songs and there were no words on the version being played. that didn't stop sure-eee! "GOLDFINGER WILL GET YOU, BIKE FASTER IF YOU WANT TO LIVE AND LET LIE(not even the correct title), JAMES BOND IS 007." it drives me crazy! NUTS!
so, what do i do? i have tried to attend classes that she won't be it, but i can't always be rearranging my whole schedule. i don't know if i can complain to somebody, because sure-eee is friends with everybody. i am sure that she is a nice lady, but i don't pay my monthly dues to be annoyed while exercising. i have been tempted on sosososo many occasions to yell something back at her while she is motivating me with such endearment as "PUSH IT GIRLS, YOU HAVE TO WORK HARDER THAN THAT!". but i have refrained. that last thing i need is a ymca enemy.
ideas??? an anonymous note on her bike that says shut your big mouth? hitting her knee with a crowbar, a la tonya harding? get up at 5:30am and drag my baby to the 5:45am class? all sound reasonable, right?