Thursday, September 15, 2011

hurray for nothing!

you already love peopleofwalmart:

your midafternoon internet break is awkward family photos:

eye spy-

still haven't found it yet? keep looking...

and cake wrecks makes me feel better every day:

but, the lords of facebook(and you meredith) have just turned me onto, you are not a photographer. it is brilliant! and hilarious! and everything you have been thinking about some of those extra-special "photographers" out there.

because everyone needs a picture with the focal point being there lower buttocks. lovely and slimming!
The photographer went for the natural looking pose. Not awkward in the slightest. Seriously, how do they think of these types of poses?

I hate it when people force their babies into perfectly (not-so) good pictures of trees. 

no words:
Nothing flatters a pregnant woman more than being posed with a pig in her underwear. 


Sunday, September 04, 2011

lay it on me

my house is still a ol' big mess. we have been in almost a month and i still have boxes everywhere and nothing whatsoever hanging on the walls. and i simply don't care!
 i've been just plain crabby lately. my family is so blessed. thankfully, i have a few friends i can vent my unimportant annoyances to through text, email or facebook and they don't think less of me. (maybe they do, who knows?) but here's you lucky day. i'm turning on the anonymous comment option and you can voice your grievances here. feel free to not be anonymous too. lay it on me. tell me what is bugging you in your life. commiserate with me.
need some ideas?
DON'T tell me about your secret gambling addiction.
DO tell me about how you hate when large vehicles take up TWO parking spaces in the grocery store parking lot. if you have dualies on your truck you STILL need to be able to park in one space or go park way out by no one else.

need another example?
here's a personal fave: it drives me nuts when i see parents with small children in restaurants or public places(movie theaters are the worst!) late at night and the kid is going crazy screaming bloody murder because the kid is TIRED! and the parents are clueless as to what the problem is and they are just yelling at them to behave. just an fyi- most kids need at least 10 hours of sleep a night.
see, i already feel better. being a know-it-all has it's perks.

lounging in my office. the one without toilet paper.

lounging on my new bookshelves. that will forever live inside these boxes so that they will always be in perfect condition.

 i specifically planned this outfit around 2 stipulations:

1. i don't wear white sandals after labor day. it's insignificant rule but i simply think it's a good idea. i like to be seasonally appropriate. (winter white is a completely different topic for another day.)
2. i had to wear blue in celebration of the BYU football victory over ole miss. i am big on football rituals and i always wear a corresponding color on sunday to commemorate one of my team's triumphs. i have a nice black and white houndstooth print fabric ready to be made into something for when alabama beats auburn this year. i am also a prophetess.

Friday, September 02, 2011

note to self: get gel seat

my latest accessory:
ta DA! if anyone was a little unsure of my status as queen nerd, this bike helmet solidifies it! throw in my sweat towel tucked into my sports bra strap and i will never be unthroned.

i went biking(outside, on a trail) for the first time ever with some babes this morning. whilst i've been an avid cycle class attendee for about 5 years now, i haven't really ridden an actual bike to an actual location on actual pavement since i was twelve years old when my best friend emily clark and i would race down moreland school road at breakneck speeds, weaving in and out of traffic, just to go spend out meager funds on stale candy at circle k. later, there was a nice shooting at that very same circle k. and that is why i will never let my kids do anything fun, ever.
i digress.
actual safe, law-abiding biking was really fun and a nice change up to my exercise routine.
due to my history of falling off things, i was a little nervous about falling off my bike or riding off the trail. i did run right into a sign and a bumped into a fence, but at least i stayed on.

while south carolina is incredibly beautiful, nobody's bum looks good squished on a bike from behind. furthermore, i really need to go buy a gel seat cover. i was hitting high notes every time i hit a bump.

thanks to jenna for risking her life and taking this picture of me pedaling really fast.