Sunday, September 04, 2011

lay it on me

my house is still a ol' big mess. we have been in almost a month and i still have boxes everywhere and nothing whatsoever hanging on the walls. and i simply don't care!
 i've been just plain crabby lately. my family is so blessed. thankfully, i have a few friends i can vent my unimportant annoyances to through text, email or facebook and they don't think less of me. (maybe they do, who knows?) but here's you lucky day. i'm turning on the anonymous comment option and you can voice your grievances here. feel free to not be anonymous too. lay it on me. tell me what is bugging you in your life. commiserate with me.
need some ideas?
DON'T tell me about your secret gambling addiction.
DO tell me about how you hate when large vehicles take up TWO parking spaces in the grocery store parking lot. if you have dualies on your truck you STILL need to be able to park in one space or go park way out by no one else.

need another example?
here's a personal fave: it drives me nuts when i see parents with small children in restaurants or public places(movie theaters are the worst!) late at night and the kid is going crazy screaming bloody murder because the kid is TIRED! and the parents are clueless as to what the problem is and they are just yelling at them to behave. just an fyi- most kids need at least 10 hours of sleep a night.
see, i already feel better. being a know-it-all has it's perks.

lounging in my office. the one without toilet paper.

lounging on my new bookshelves. that will forever live inside these boxes so that they will always be in perfect condition.

 i specifically planned this outfit around 2 stipulations:

1. i don't wear white sandals after labor day. it's insignificant rule but i simply think it's a good idea. i like to be seasonally appropriate. (winter white is a completely different topic for another day.)
2. i had to wear blue in celebration of the BYU football victory over ole miss. i am big on football rituals and i always wear a corresponding color on sunday to commemorate one of my team's triumphs. i have a nice black and white houndstooth print fabric ready to be made into something for when alabama beats auburn this year. i am also a prophetess.


Amy The Mom said...

okay, here's mine...and i will leave my name on because i don't think anyone in my ward reads your blog (although they totally should!) so they can't take it personally.

it really bugs me when women get up to the pulpit and whisper-cry. i know it's a microphone, lady, but you should still talk in a normal voice. you are not more righteous just because you whisper your testimony. amen.

and if i think of more i might comment again :)

Anonymous said...

I hate that my neighbors cannot seem to park their car correctly in front of MY house! They inevitably back their car onto my lawn & leave it there.

modernmom said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I feel like you just opened up a can of worms. Where do I start?
!. Do not scream at your kid in the middle of Walmart. Ever. Go to your car. You are the adult.
2. PUT AWAY YOUR SHOPPING CART. (For the love of everything mighty. Please.) And the handicapped parking spots are NOT the cart return.
3. When someone moves into your neighborhood and waves at you, for goodness sake, wave back. Don't stare at them as if they grew two heads. (Oh, this doesn't happen to you? Well, I just moved to a small town, and I can't seem to figure out the code.)
4. When you use equipment at the gym, CLEAN it afterward. I can't tell you how many times the fat, hairy, sweating-like-a-pig guy gets off the treadmill next to me and wipes his entire body with that small square towel and LEAVES the equipment covered in sweat. That is disgusting and unsanitary. You just ran 4 miles. Walk three steps to the cleaner.
5. Wearing gym clothes as regular clothes. Really?! Seems to be really big in said small town. BTW... I know you didn't go to the gym. Your hair is teased bigger than the state of Texas, and you are wearing sparkly flip-flops and full jewelry. I counted 5 of these at Walmart Thursday. The most amusing one even had on a sports bra and heels. Um....
6. Taking over someone else's blog with your complaints. So I will stop now. :)
(I may do this on my OWN blog, though. It is cathartic.)

Emily Curfew said...

heidi you crack me up. unfortunately i don't feel comfortable spilling all my dislikes in a public forum. i'll have to vent to you in person. :-)

MerciBlahBlah said...

Three words: Babies In Bars. Why? If I want to go to the bar for a drink, I can assure you, I do NOT want to go with my chillruns. GET A SITTER.

The worst one though? Dirty diapers in parking lots. Seriously - WHO IS THROWING THEIR KIDS' DIRTY DIAPERS ON THE GROUND??? If you are in a parking lot, chances are there is also a trashcan near the entrance of wherever you are parking. And if there's not? TAKE IT HOME AND THROW IT IN THE DAMN TRASH CAN AT YOUR OWN DAMN HOUSE. Disgusting. I immediately judge a parent for throwing a dirty diaper on the ground. That is all.

Shwew - thanks for letting me get that off my chest!
merci mamacita!

Anonymous said...

14 hours a day at work when the sun is actually shining outside and I could be out playing. Dislike!

Lissa @ MyThriftyTreasures said...

Sister of Amy Petersen Brown here. She referred me and I feel like you and I are "kindred spirits" in the words of Anne with an E. LOVE the blog, new favorite.

I have to say the comment about the poopy diapers in the parking lot...seriously laughing so hard there are tears streaming down my face. I couldn't stop laughing long enough to read it to my husband. I was wheezing and fighting for breath. SO stinking funny.

I would agree about the screaming kids at Wal-Mart past 9PM. I've gone at midnight before and people have 2-year-olds there having a total colossal meltdown and the parents are mad that their kid won't stop being sleep deprived long enough for them to grab one of everything in the store and throw it in their cart, and then stop and deliberate over chip prices for an hour. Put your baby to bed! Neglect!

And I hate when I am nice to other drivers, let them into my lane when I don't have to, give them the turn at the stop sign when it's really MY turn, and they don't acknowledge it. Not even so much as a head nod or hand up. Bad form!

Tip of the iceberg...but still therapeutic:) Thanks!

Colleen said...

Great dress, I absolutely love it!

Loads of Love,

Joy said...

when they make barbie clothes that don't fit all barbies. really? thanks for telling my 4 year old that barbie has big hips. and who is the one pushing and tugging on those dang bedazzled denim jeans, all the while trying not to curse outloud?

me, of course.

Nancy Weibell said...

I'm sorry--did you move? Where?

Jessica said...

top three things that drive me nuts -- stupidity, incompetence, and slow-ness. NUTS i tell you. like for instance grace is the slowest cleaner in the world. if i were to stay in her room and watch her clean it up (which -- let's get real -- doesn't ever really happen) i would literally want to pull my hair out she's so slow. apparently i am a very impatient person.

and one other pet peeve i have is when scott asks me how long to microwave stuff for. hahahaha. what am i the reheating food guru? seriously drives me crazy. hahaha.

good post and i love the dress AND all the poses. especially when you're laying across all the boxes. very lady of shalot. before the boat starts to sink, of course.

MissRochelle said...

Going out to dinner with my husband and listening to a screaming child... while I'm paying for a babysitter to watch my kids...

And btw- I was one of the five seen at walmart in work out clothes and sparkle flip flops... and nope, i didn't work out :)

Elaine said...

okay here's mine - i am just burnt out and need a vacation!!!!! and money!!!!

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