Monday, March 24, 2008

should i know this person?

once in a while i get a weird friend request on facebook. people i don't know but they think they know me. i have a pretty "mormony" maiden name, so i think people get confused. but this one takes the cake. i have no idea who this person is. should i? do any of you that knew me in college remember me having associations with this person? his profile says he is from blackfoot, idaho but he is in the salt lake city network. and these are some of the greasy, narcissistic pictures on his page:

i don't know whether to laugh or to take a bath or to take down my facebook page. what do you think?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


my new calling in the ward is to be on the enrichment comittee. my partner and i are in charge of the monthly craft night. here's my secret: i don't like most crafts. mostly because they are unappealing to me. i would love to make something that interested me, but most of the time they are things i wouldn't display in my house. i have boxes full of unfinished projects that will never see the light of day because they just don't appeal to me. (stuffed pumpkins, painted snowmen, toilet paper holders) i don't think i am the only one that feels this way. last month was birthday card making. the attendance was poor; it was mostly members of the presidency and two other sisters and a laurel. we were supposed to make six cards but i barely made it through two.

i need some ideas for crafts that will appeal to a wider relief society audience. please please please do not suggest word tiles. i think word tiles are a great idea. i have a fantastic one in my house. but we have done them. and then we did them some more. and i don't want to beat a dead horse.

i would like suggestions for people that were not born craft-tastically able. we need simple, inexpensive, projects. ones that will allow for friendships to be formed and conversations to flow. isn't that what these meetings are all about?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

that other famous person from blue springs

david cook is from blue springs, mo. my hometown. i few people have asked if i know him. well, i attended blue springs south high school. so did david cook. i was in the forensics program. so was david cook. i sang in the choir. so did david cook(much better than me obviously). i graduated in 1998. he graduated in 2000. with all these close connections, i don't have any recollection of him. a few very fuzzy memories, maybe? i think that if you asked him if he knew that other famous person from blue springs, heidi beck, i am sure that he was give a say of course!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

high school reunion blues

my 10 year high school reunion is coming up on may 31. i did not attend my 5 year reunion. i have mixed emotions about this subject. about a year ago i was sort of excited. the thought of getting together with people i used to hang out with was appealing. about a month ago i made the realization that the thought is a bit appalling. i have had very minimal contact the my non-church high school friends. i have reconnected with a few on facebook and i have felt very content with that extent of friendship renewal. chit chatting with (probably drunk) strangers holds limited appeal for me.
pros for attending the reunion-
1. it is at royals stadium. there should be a fireworks display.
2. the weather should be pleasant.
3. i will probably get a new outfit.
4. i will get to see how people turned out. do we have any criminals in the bunch?

1. the person that i used to be 10 years ago is the same person that i am now. i really don't think that i have changed much. i think the biggest change is that i am very publicly proud of who i am now whereas before i felt secretly proud of who i was. insecurities put such a damper on the whole high school experience for me. everyone experienced the sheep mentality of high school. don't deny it. i often did my own thing, but still feared public ridicule and scorn from my classmates. ridicule and scorn don't bother me much now. i am confident in who i am. i just don't want to waste my time dealing with the people that revert back to their high school social roles as soon as they are around their former classmates.

what are all y'alls thoughts? are you going to your reunion? would you go if the opportunity presented itself? have you already been? what were your experiences?