Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i ain't axing, i'm telling.

seen in the sam's club parking lot:

things women over sixty should avoid
- Floor-length floral printed dresses
- Muumuus (unless they are for lounging around the house)
- Long (ankle length), unstructured, A-line skirts
- Elastic-waisted pants that make everyone look like a balloon
- Unstructured pants and suits
- Large, oversized t-shirts
- Khaki/mauve-colored grandma flats
- Unstylish jumper-type dresses (usually made of khaki or jean material)
- Sweaters with embroidery, appliques, etc (especially christmas sweaters)

i think this list is a good rule of thumb for everyone!

something fun:
my friend jessica emailed me this soopercool new website about reading, which just happens to be one of the favorite things to do after talking about clothes and picking on other people's flaws. i invite everyone to sign up and become my friend! goodreads! i hope this encourages everyone to start a summer reading list. i know that i have enjoyed my summer of reading! so far i have read gone with the wind, scarlett and i am currently enjoying the education of little tree. this was probably the 47th time that i have read gone with the wind and i love it more each time! it is like scripture to me. each time i read it i find something new or something stands out to me more than normal. i cried a lot this time because i found it so emotionally draining. i blame it on pregnancy. then for some reason i felt the need to read scarlett, the so-called sequel to GWTW. bleah. i recall now why i have only read this once. this is not the sequel to me. this is just someone else's conjecture of what might have happened if scarlett had only gotten stupider after all she learned and experienced in GWTW. scarlett takes forever to get anywhere and once the book gets somewhere, it is just more plodding along aimlessly. lot's of loose endings that are never tied up. the character development is that of an afterschool special. cheap thrills in yucksville. plus, the writing style of the author is sub-par to that of margaret mitchell. it is not that ripley is an unenjoyable writer, but you can tell that she was used to writing salacious, quickly-written, trashy paperbacks(that i would probably still enjoy), not sweeping, lushly descriptive, epic novels of magnanimous proportions. anyway, i have had that on my chest for quite a while and i am sure thomas is tired of my daily GWTW dissections, dissertations and discussions. anywhooo, i challenge one and all to make GWTW their summer reading project.
ps-yes, i already know, scarlett is mean. that is not news and isn't the point of the book. read it anyway.

finally, this gave my funny bone a good tickle. it is an image from the japanese stage version of gone with the wind. when i was little i watched the movie big bird goes to japan. after that i really wanted to be japanese when i grew up. this is the best of both worlds.

i also wanted to be judy jetson when i grew up. i didn't understand that you couldn't become a cartoon as a career. lisa bahr was the one that pointed that out to me. thanks for crushing my hopes and dreams lisa!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

how do i get cool?

lately i have been feeling uncool. could it be the stroller i am always pushing? the sensible shoes i am forced to wear? the ever present ponytail/bun on top of my head? my behemoth purse/bag full of snacks and water bottles and diapers and notepads and books? perhaps, but maybe i just don't have the knack for "effortlessly cool" that some people have. you know? it's not an attitude thing or a money thing or a time thing or a pregnancy thing. there are just those people that have it. and i desperately peruse their blogs to see what they are wearing to see how i can get it. lately, my mind is just stale without their style inspiration.
like this morning, i am in the bathroom at the gym, because i can't go more than 5 minutes without a visit to my "office". i am chatting with shannon, one of the workout-aholics. she has just changed from sooper cute workout apparel to so-hottt-young-mom-on-that-make-without-looking-like-a-"mom" -outfit in record time. she looks like she could work at a cute boutique on the beach. and then the clincher, she says it is her goal to not look like she is 36. good night i thought the sky was going to fall in on me. 36!? i thought she was 28 tops, TOPS! anyway, she is my cool hero for the gym. and she has mastered the "young and cool" look without wearing teeny bopper clothing. nothing is more stale and age telling than a 50 year old woman shopping at express and looking like she is trying too hard.
anyway, maybe i just need a makeover. something unexpected to perk me up! let's face it, i have been doing the almost long hair, hot rollers look for quite some time. like more than 10 years. i recall driving to seminary way back in 1995 with hot rollers on my head. i have had a few more style mixed in between. (black hair, blonde hair, stripey blonde and caramel hair, brown hair, short short lesbian hair, short flippy pre-wedding hair, permed hair, wet slick it back in a bun hair, but i always come back to this.)
and what about bronzer? i have finally branched out into the 00s and bought bronzer. but i am self concsious about it. any tips from seasoned bronzer users?
finally, what spawned this long winded, garbled, slightly non-sensical post about me and my uncool vanity? this really fun site call frugal-fashionista! not that there is any real connection between the 2, but i had fun scouring it for inexpensive fashion ideas and finds. chchch-check it out!

Monday, June 04, 2007

she must have good jeans

last week i went to target to look at clothes. not clothes for reagan, not clothes for thomas, not clothes for scarlett, not clothes for a pregnant heidi. clothes for ME. the non-pregnant heidi that is in my mind. sometimes i still look at myself in shock when i see myself in the mirror and i am pregnant. i am craving clothes for a non-pregnant heidi! now that i am in the final countdown, i am pretty much sickSICKsick of my maternity stuff. you can only wear the same stuff over and over so much. and dressing it up with accessories is like putting chocolate fudge sauce on a bowl of cold oatmeal. it can only do so much.
so, anywhoo, i found this fun little website that is supposed to tell you what the best jeans are for your body type. ZAFU asks you a bunch of little questions about how your jeans normally fit and what you look for in the perfect pair and then with the click of a button...ZAFU! a bunch of jeans suggestions with photos, prices and locations at your fingertips. of the 72 pairs that were suggested for me, these are the two that i liked best from the photos. not the prices though, yikes! the $26 candies brand pair that they suggested were just not cute in the picture. but, just to be fair, i am going to seek them out at kohl's as soon as i get a waistline back and see how they fare.

kasil jeans "madison" jean $220

david kahn "heidi" jean (coincidence?) $160

so check it out and tell me what ya'll think!