Monday, June 04, 2007

she must have good jeans

last week i went to target to look at clothes. not clothes for reagan, not clothes for thomas, not clothes for scarlett, not clothes for a pregnant heidi. clothes for ME. the non-pregnant heidi that is in my mind. sometimes i still look at myself in shock when i see myself in the mirror and i am pregnant. i am craving clothes for a non-pregnant heidi! now that i am in the final countdown, i am pretty much sickSICKsick of my maternity stuff. you can only wear the same stuff over and over so much. and dressing it up with accessories is like putting chocolate fudge sauce on a bowl of cold oatmeal. it can only do so much.
so, anywhoo, i found this fun little website that is supposed to tell you what the best jeans are for your body type. ZAFU asks you a bunch of little questions about how your jeans normally fit and what you look for in the perfect pair and then with the click of a button...ZAFU! a bunch of jeans suggestions with photos, prices and locations at your fingertips. of the 72 pairs that were suggested for me, these are the two that i liked best from the photos. not the prices though, yikes! the $26 candies brand pair that they suggested were just not cute in the picture. but, just to be fair, i am going to seek them out at kohl's as soon as i get a waistline back and see how they fare.

kasil jeans "madison" jean $220

david kahn "heidi" jean (coincidence?) $160

so check it out and tell me what ya'll think!


Jessica said...

hey, i've heard that the david kahn jeans are amazing for moms -- i.e. women who have had children. they sell them at nordtrom's and i went to a "fashion day" there before we left this summer, and the lady who was presenting stuff said that those were her favorite brand. my opinion on jeans is that they're a staple and if they fit great and make you feel fabulous, then spend whatever it takes. especially if you're happy with the size you're at. i plan on buying some as soon as i lose all of ethan's baby weight. haha.

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Once again I have a plug for ebay! I went to Nordstrom - found the designer jeans that I loved and wrote down the size, style, etc. I went to ebay and found the same pair for 1/3 of the price and they were NEW but with no tags. Totally fine by me. I love my Citizen jeans - especially since I scored a bargain on them. But since I practically live in jeans - like Jessica said. . I sometimes can justify spending a ton on them since they get their use!!