Monday, May 21, 2007

girls! girls! girls!

every once in a while i completely and totally miss living with girls! not that i don't love and adore my incredible, HOT, hardworking and worshipful husband, i just don't like borrowing his clothes. but i am wearing a pair of his workout shorts right now because i am getting into that pregnant phase where i don't want anything touching my stomach. anyway, i digress...
i think what sparked this brief episode of girl missing is the wonderful, warm weather we are enjoying and that the pool is open at our local YMCA. and then i reminisced about hanging out at the DT pool with my friends and playing uno and speed and reading juvenile fiction and trivial pursuit cards. and of course playing a rousing game of who would you rather kiss. good times. great game. in order to remedy this longning for all things girly, i went exploring through photo albums for pictures of my roomate days. sadly, i couldn't find any pictures of us at the DT pool. but i did find some others. interspersed between pictures are memories and anecdotes and reasons why living with girls was so much fun.

paulalluyah, me and natbrat at olive garden.

1. when you live with girls, you don't just get dressed from your closet. you go to everyone's closet. the first question asked when you had a date was, "what are you going to wear? let's plan! fashion show!"

2. girls/roomates fall asleep talking about really important issues like should we color our hair? do we want to go to ward prayer tomorrow? do we have any food in the house?

some of the girls that attended my sealing.

3. girls re-enact every encounter/conversation/longing glance they ever had with a boy to help us decipher what he "meant" and does he really like us back. no sentence or smile or wink goes unanalyzed.

4. it is always easier to finish off a cake or tray of brownies or tub of ice cream while talking with a roomate.

me and em at macaroni grill? (i think) for her birthday. or somebody's birthday. or nobody's birthday.

5. one memory that i treasure is that of laying on the floor of our un-airconditioned house in our underwear, hiding from brian emerson. another memory, "hey jessica, do you want to go out on a date with me sometime?" response, "sure brian, you set it up and let me know." who didn't use that line with brian???

em, me and jessica in the crown 5 kitchen, the night after my first date with my eternal companion, hence the gigantic corsage.

6. trivial pursuit was often played on sundays and the sound of music was often watched. one summer we played uno in almost tournament-like fashion at christina's davis' house.

a mass of unwashed girls eating lunch one saturday at guadalahonky's in draper. the worst mexican food ever. i recall that their billboard said something to the effect of "i get gas at guads", for a long time i thought it was a gas station.

7. fast and the furious week complete with watching the movie at movies 8, going to DI and buying t-shirts, cutting them up and ironing nicknames on the back of them. to top of the week we wore the shirts to club omni on 16+ night. nothing like dancing with highschoolers to make you feel cool.

8. sometimes living with girls means that your only sustenance for the week is a jumbo box of 400 otter pops, eaten in succession on your front porch.

9. meeting for lunch in the cougareat and talking each other out of attending their next class to just keep hanging out.

i don't think i have an explanation for this one.

10. princess buns(updos, not cinnamon rolls). i really wish i had a picture of that!

11. watching hours and hours of pointless TV and then watching really important things like miss usa and miss america.

"studying" my freshman year. not much gets done with you study with friends.

11. the girls and i would often meet in the newsroom to do homework and use their printing paper. sometimes i would pretend to be an actual reporter and think ill of tiffany and her weird husband, whatever his name was. the BEST times were when we watched who wants to be a millionaire and played trivial pursuit and boggle.

12. girls are the BEST when talking through a breakup/relationship issues. or just making fun of your ex-boyfriend/crush/whatever. like that time emily made a hanging for our door about neil the nerdy TA and joseph the lumberjew, both booty callin' dweebs! i wish i still had that important scrap of paper!

my abfab favorite girl roomate, my wonderful sister heather. she is eating a banana and i am pretending to be a mom. oh, wait...
my best girls.
funny story, once when we were younger, my sister asked my mom what happens if a tampon gets dislodged and gets lost in your body. my mom replied "it travels through your system and stabs you in the heart." we laugh about that one until this day.


Emily said...

Hands down, BEST POST EVER!!! I loved every second of this little memory lane. i didn't even know some of those pictures existed - like the one of me a natalie with wacky things on our heads.

those were relaly the good ole days. it sure was fun living with girls.

Paula said...


What the heck? That is like the absolutely worst picture of me ever! But aside from that, very funny post. You did know the Lumberjew had a kid, right? And that Guadalahonkey's really was TERRIBLE! If I remember correctly, we just barely made it home in time to rush to the bathroom. Good times!

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Ok, that last comment was from me. I forgot that Paula used my computer last.

Jessica said...

i haven't laughed out loud this hard while reading a post in forever! that was the best trip down memory lane. we sure did have fun, didn't we. but, hello? where are all the pics to document fast and the furious week? and i think i still have my "nas" shirt somewhere...

whose going to organize our first reunion?

Jessica said...

oh and that tampon story almost made the water i was drinking come out of my nose.

Valoree said...

What a fun post and fun times ya'll had! Don't you sometimes wish you could go back to that carefree life?

Caroline said...

Fun Fun Fun! I miss living with girls too! I LOVE being a Mom and a wife but oh how I miss the good ole days!

Paula said...

Okay, this time it is really me. This post made me miss living in good ol' Provo and hanging out with the girls all the time. Fun times.

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Ok - so how come I didn't know about this other blog you have?!