Sunday, January 24, 2010

gratuitous outfit post

i discovered this handbag at kohl's this week. think it needs to be a birthday present to myself. as soon as it's marked down to $10, like every other handbag in my closet. also, do you say handbag or purse? or pocketbook?

and i tried really hard to be creative this week, but there are so many more important things than outfits,(GASP!carie!) to worry about that it was a struggle to try and stay fresh and upbeat.

fave item: light blue cords from american eagle for 13 bucks. normally, blue and i aren't friends. but i think we may start dating. i figure if we see each other occasionally, perhaps we could at least have a working relationship.

fave item: ombre sweater coat purchased from ann taylor loft for cheapcheapcheap. (pre new moon viewing)

fave item: i'm trying really hard not to say high-waisted A-line skirt, but i can't. i feel like i would be betraying it. like i am embarassed of how much i wear it. but i'm not. i just can't keep her in the closet. runner up, jet bead necklace from grandma maxine.

secret tip- both my shirt and my sweater are tucked into my pantyhouse. never came untucked once thru church and wrestling matches. thanks mary shaffer!(ps-mary, i know you have a married name, but clark doesn't apply here. the clays are the clays, shaffers are the shaffers, i am a beck. that's how it works.)

fave item- red fake patent flats purchased at BYU bookstore.

fave item: white tie-neck blouse from express. but, these cords are a close second. they are twins to the light blue ones. (excuse my conical head. poofy ponytails are never as flattering in hindsight as they are in foresight.)

my hair is even more embarassing in this one. unworldy hair poof in front and straggly rat tail down the back. no one should be friends with me.

fave item- MY HAIR! what a little effort and product can do. big hair means you are closer to heaven. i wish i could pull this off everyday.

closer view:

fave item-too small animal print cardigan purchased for $2.97. and yet another appearance from good ol' long sleeve gray t-shirt.

and what i really look like around the house. after i run errands, pick up kiddies from school, fold laundry, wipe bottoms, kiss owies, scrape poop out of fingernails:
fave item- the fact that i am actually showered and my sweats are cleanish and my hair is brushed(and straightened) and i am not wearing a knit cap and considering that a "fashion statement".
final word-why have i owned this camera for over two years and i have yet to take the time to learn to take a better picture with it? really.

Monday, January 11, 2010

i die. bananas. shut it down.

as proof that i am working on my new years resolution to GO FOR IT! and wear more of my wardrobe and be more frugal and to create an outfit inspiration board, here are some recent outfit creations. surprise, it is mostly sunday stuff. otherwise it would be mostly sweaty gym clothes.
please to enjoy:

fave item: vintage silk scarf from china courtesy of my grandma beck

fave item: longsleeve gray t-shirt. because i die over longsleeve t-shirts that hit my knuckles and my hips.

fave item: silver jessica simpson heels. a joy and a pleasure to wear.

fave item: high-waisted black skirt. i have to talk myself out of wearing it each sunday.

i apologize for the horrible hair and slippers in this one. much cuter with sequin converses and a hairbrush.
fave item: $3 miley cyrus t-shirt from wal*mart.

i'll learn to stand like a lady one of these days. or to quote my grandma bonnie, "heidi, you would be perfect if you would just act like a lady." cut just like a knife.
fave item: opaque black tights. i feel great when i wear them. more polished. and skinnier. and warmer. opaque black tights may just be my signature look.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

if only my life were a british costume drama...

...i most likely would have died from fluff in the lungs, or insanity, or childbirth, or an inordinate use of the word offence.

my darling sister-in-law sarah lent me her copy of north and south over christmas to watch at my leisure. last night i stayed up until the wee hours of the morn watching and rewatching it. north and south you ask? that cheesy mini-series from the 80s with the late great patrick swayze?
no, not that one. this one:

not this one:

with this guy:

not this guy:

but upon further picture perusal, who could resist watching a little of this???

unfortch, there is little muscle flexing and bodice ripping in the british north and south. nonetheless, i highly recommend to all. it's in the same vein and pride and prejudice and other jane austen social commentary/love stories. but not too much social commentary to make it boring and school like. perish the thought!!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

just go for it!!!

i love resolutions. and i love typing them up on my blog. and i don't mind failing at my resolutions. i just appreciate that some part of me wants to try and do better sometimes. while i only whole-heartedly and officially completed 3 of my 10 resolutions from last year, i don't feel bad. there is always room for improvement. and i think the real trick is to print this out and hang it somewhere i will see it as a nagging reminder.

1. two week menu planner. as soon as i made this my resolution last year, i never did it again. ridiculous.

2. be nicer. this will probably be the hardest one. i have no natural inclination to be nice. it's like i swallowed a gallon of vinegar. it is truly a task i need to work on.(niceness, not drinking vinegar. i'll save that for emily curfew. and eating beets.)

3. read the book of mormon 3 times. this was one resolution from last year that i completed with flying colors so i thought that i would up the ante and read it 3 times. reading left me feeling great. just one step closer to being nicer.

4. tight as a tick. this is my workout mantra. overall good health often requires you to hold on tight to your goals. like a tick to skin.
a. this includes no junk january.
b. and only 24 hours of junk food in february. (my version of junk does not include hot chocolate or vanilla wafers or granola bars, as long as they aren't the chocolate dipped kind. i still cap the night off with a steaming hot chocolate and make it through long afternoons with a handful of cereal or wafers.)
c. no complaining in the gym. if i can't say that i love lifting and working hard, i will say nothing. i was remarkably silent in my weightlifting class this past tuesday.
d. run for fun and distance, not time or speed. competing with myself is only fun to a certain point.

5. be a better blogger while spending less time on the internet. i love reading updates but hate spending time doing mindless things. recording family events and personal opinions should be an outlet for enjoyment, not mind-numbing time wasting.

6. nightly journal moment a la elder eyring. in relief society on sunday we watched a video clip of elder eyring discussing how he or someone he knows(i can't remember now) would record just a few lines each night in their journal about how the Lord had blessed their day. since i am abundantly blessed, far more than i deserve, this should be a cakewalk. and i look forward to really reflecting on my day and how i spent my time.

7. blog outfit posting and closet corkboard. for personal inspiration and reference. sometimes a little outfit effort is all i need to go from feeling schlumpy to motivated.

just go for it

this was inspired by my dear friend jamey in describing her sister's fashion sense. she said, " i love how she just goes for it!" it struck me like a lightning bolt. i thought to myself, "that's how i want to be in everything." i just want to go for it. i don't want worry, or anxiety or whatever to hold me back. as i get older, i realize more and more that it is myself holding me back. dreams will be achieved, goals will be met, opportunities will be realized if i just go for it.
1. all out workouts. i am ready for the challenge.
2. all out church calling effort. no calling is too daunting.
3. all out mothering. my family is my greatest joy, a clean house may have to be sacrificed.
4. all out fashion. who says there needs to be an event to dress up. i will make it an event.

here's to 2010! BRING IT!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

black dress dilemma

my sister is getting married in march. but since this blog is about me, i need a dress for said wedding. her colors are black and white and her dress is long and body conscious. and i am all for that. so i want a long dress in black to mimic her look. but i need some input. dear reader, what do you think? in a comment say exactly what you think. and perhaps i'll even consider your opinions in my final decision.

for the link to heather's dress click HERE!
this one, which we will call cleopatra:

for more detail click HERE!

or this one, which we will call deep V:

for more detail click HERE!

really, let your opinions fly. spill your guts out. this is your chance.