Thursday, January 07, 2010

if only my life were a british costume drama...

...i most likely would have died from fluff in the lungs, or insanity, or childbirth, or an inordinate use of the word offence.

my darling sister-in-law sarah lent me her copy of north and south over christmas to watch at my leisure. last night i stayed up until the wee hours of the morn watching and rewatching it. north and south you ask? that cheesy mini-series from the 80s with the late great patrick swayze?
no, not that one. this one:

not this one:

with this guy:

not this guy:

but upon further picture perusal, who could resist watching a little of this???

unfortch, there is little muscle flexing and bodice ripping in the british north and south. nonetheless, i highly recommend to all. it's in the same vein and pride and prejudice and other jane austen social commentary/love stories. but not too much social commentary to make it boring and school like. perish the thought!!!


Sarah Beck said...

Yes, Richard Armitage is AWESOME! and the story is AWESOME, and I've watched it a million times. Glad you loved it too :)

Sarah Beck said...

and those pics of Patrick Swazye crack me up!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Hmmm, Mr. Thornton. Gotta love him.

Paula said...

own it and love it

Laura said...

Hey Heidi! Not too sure how this blogging world works... but thanks for your comment on my blog! You are too nice and too cute : ) Also, I LOVED north and south (the good version haha) and only just watched it a couple of weeks ago.... and if your bro is ever in p-town he should come hang out with us! Hope all is well!