Monday, January 11, 2010

i die. bananas. shut it down.

as proof that i am working on my new years resolution to GO FOR IT! and wear more of my wardrobe and be more frugal and to create an outfit inspiration board, here are some recent outfit creations. surprise, it is mostly sunday stuff. otherwise it would be mostly sweaty gym clothes.
please to enjoy:

fave item: vintage silk scarf from china courtesy of my grandma beck

fave item: longsleeve gray t-shirt. because i die over longsleeve t-shirts that hit my knuckles and my hips.

fave item: silver jessica simpson heels. a joy and a pleasure to wear.

fave item: high-waisted black skirt. i have to talk myself out of wearing it each sunday.

i apologize for the horrible hair and slippers in this one. much cuter with sequin converses and a hairbrush.
fave item: $3 miley cyrus t-shirt from wal*mart.

i'll learn to stand like a lady one of these days. or to quote my grandma bonnie, "heidi, you would be perfect if you would just act like a lady." cut just like a knife.
fave item: opaque black tights. i feel great when i wear them. more polished. and skinnier. and warmer. opaque black tights may just be my signature look.


Jessica said...

love it. and LOVE the title reference. shut it down in deed. i die for rachel zoe. i can't wait to fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes and create some signature looks of my own. lylas. hahaha.

Carie said...

Love the outfits. I love this idea of taking pictures. I need to do this.

I've always loved the Jessica Simpson shoes. Scarf is great. Red belt.

I didn't get the title but I am not very cool so there you go.

Emily C said...

its hard to pick a favorite outfit from these, they are all so stylish. and i'm going bananas for your straight hair in these pics, especially in the pics where the color looks darker. ok, i do have a favorite outfit, the yellow pants with the black riding boots. i die for that outfit.

Rachel said...

Very cute. I am not sure if we could be friends if we actually lived in the same state and you saw me and the things I wear. Incredibly boring. You would probably disown me. But you look great! :)

Becca said...

Wow, you're working those yellow pants, girl. And I love the dress.

Jessica said...

All of those outfits are definitely hot! My favorite is the yellow pants! Wherever did you get those- I would wear those everyday. Love them all!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Will and Natalie Giddens said...

SASSY PANTS! As in you are a. And also as in those are some.

Sorry about deleting my previous comment. It had a spelling error and you know how I feel about that.

MissRochelle said...

I had no idea you had another blog. I heart it!

Merilee said...

This is why I watch both of your blogs. Because of gems like this one. This post absolutely made my day. Very nicely put together Heidi!

megara said...

love all of the different outfits! yellow looks great on you. and seriously, thanks for the laundry advice, i'll take it to heart and do my best!!