Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the odds are ever in my favor

saturday i got dressed in something i hated and then i ran a bunch of errands. whilst at target i spied this pencil skirt and snatched(actually i paid for it) it up and put it on in the car. for some reason while i was putting on the skirt i also took my shirt off. just habit i guess. i sat in the car for a minute before i realized i didn't have a shirt on. i'm an idiot. free show! anywhoo, i wore it on sunday too. it's non-maternity but it fit just right under my stomach. 

friday night i saw the hunger games movie. i was quite apprehensive about seeing it because i LOVED the first 2 books in the series and disliked the 3rd book. and then i didn't really like any of the casting of the main 3 characters. i just didn't want my fragile young-adult-fiction-adaption-into-a-movie-heart-to-be-broken again. i'm looking at you twilight saga. i was a twilight fan until i had to sit through those insipid movies. i still go on opening night for each new twilight movie, but mostly because i love tradition. and i'm a glutton for punishment. 
i thought the hunger games movie was fine. fine. not love. not loathe. just fine. i still didn't like any of the main characters and i wasn't that emotionally moved with the movie the way i was with the book. however, it wasn't inadvertently comedic because it was trying so hard to be an important film and it wasn't boring. the things i liked the most about it were the supporting characters. woody harrelson was not my first pick for haymitch(i was jonesing for gary oldman, sirius black, in the harry potter movies) but i thought he was the best part of the movie. and  lenny kravitz didn't embarrass himself the way other celebrities pretending to be actors(madonna, mariah carey, shaquille o'neal, john cena) have in other movies.  

biggest plus:
1. jennifer lawrence not looking like a typical, frail hollywood barbie doll. girlfriend looked like she had a healthy, athletic body and that she wasn't starving herself to fit an impossible ideal. ironically though, she may have looked more like the katniss of my mind's eye if she had been starving herself. 

biggest minuses:
1. seneca crane's wrinkly linen pants. they were ugly. they didn't fit well. they were too short. they were distracting in EVERY SINGLE SCENE. please tell me i am not the only one who was disturbed by this?

2. peeta- this toaster could have filled in for him. he was not that engaging, yet not as useful as a toaster, because at least a toaster can toast or you can check your reflection in the chrome.

3. gale- this shiny, dense rock is a perfect comparison. liam hemsworth was simply too pretty to be a rugged-hot-but-doesn't-know-he's-hot-coal miner. i was hoping for at least messy, shaggy hair a la tim riggins. 

what were your thoughts?

Sunday, March 04, 2012


i've loathed pink for years. i will go out of my way to pick any different color if pink is an option on an item of clothing i want to purchase. but, i broke my own rules and i ordered the sleek sequin skirt in dusty cedar from downeast basics that i was lusting over(for $15, thank you for the head's up becca!). and i think pink may be making a comeback. 
jacket- target
maternity v neck- target
skirt- downeast basics
shoes- jessica simpson

*for the record, i ended up ordering the small. i was planning on waiting to wear it until after the baby was born but i couldn't resist trying it on. call me a glutton for punishment. surprisingly, this little puppy stretches like a DREAM. i wore it today and i felt like myself. snarky and full of heartburn.

for funnsies:
back in the day circa 2001 when i loved pink. this particular event was halloween, but really i just wanted to wear a bunch of pink. i lent that wig to someone to wear a few years back when they were feeling down and i never got it back. whoever that person is(i can't recall), is dead to me.

i've been working on a few home improvement/decor projects of late and for my home office i've been referring to this picture. and no, i don't pinterest. yes, i know it's wonderful. but i have plenty of other ways to waste time so i've made the conscious decision to not pinterest my time away. 
i think i would paint my walls pale gray(surprise) instead of white.

and i'm eyeing this for curtains(this print has been one of my favorite for years. i have pillows in the green version of this):
Waverly Cross Section Raspberry

or this:
Waverly Lovely Lattice Jungle

and this rug: