Friday, May 22, 2009


i cannot wrap my mind around how some brilliant shows are cancelled after only a short period of time while other tv shows with little to no entertainment value CONTINUE to be watched and renewed. it's baffling. it's like the number of people who watch tv whilst using their brain at the same time it's getting smaller and smaller with each passing year. i just read a short list of shows that have been cancelled for next year and i am seriously concerned about the future of our country if this pattern continues.

1. my name is earl- i was totally shocked about this one. though my viewership has recently dropped off, i always thought this show was funny(often too crude) but had a mass audience appeal. best character-joy. she made horrible bleached out fake hair and trashy wal-mart chic shirts almost enviable. almost.
2. kath and kim-for real. this show was a highlight. i found pure pleasure in pressing record on the DVR for this one. funny funny stuff. while i loved both kath and kim, the best character by FAR was-derek, kim's extranged husband's big box technology store co-worker/sidekick. the scene where he was laying on his bed and reading twilight whilst doling out relationship advice was pure comic genius.
3. privileged- i wasn't really into this show but i know of several very smart and witty people who were BIG FANS(one gal in particular who was the biggest supporter of this show but she's a not fan of twilight. this is completely incongruent to me and makes no sense whatsoever.). i must say that i did really enjoy the clothing. and that's more than i can say about some shows i've watched.

the best shows on tv
1. burn notice- i had a dream a few nights ago that i was watching this show. i am that excited for it's return on june 4th. and it's quite apropo that i was dreaming about it since i can never stay awake during an episode, no matter how riveting, and i always have to watch an episode twice. i save my laundry folding for watching this show so that i can combat my chronic couch-sitting induced narcolepsy.
2. PSYCH- just plain awesome gus. nothing better on tv.
3. 30 rock- the only thing worth watching on must-see-thursday anymore. sorry, office. you've jumped the shark.
4. scrubs- LOVE IT. here's the caveat. will it be as good without drs. dorian and cox? not that i think either are the best on the show(turk is the BEST) but the ensemble chemistry is what does it for me.

shows that should be cancelled ASAP
1. parks and recreation- sorry, amy poehler. i think you are hilarious. but this show is not. and it's a darn shame that my name is earl was sacrificed to save parks and recreation. a crying in the night shame.
2. two and a half men- i feel dumber even making comments about this show. formulaic. predictable. overtly sexual without any creativity whatsoever. and i've not even made it through an entire episode. plus, all the people i have encountered who love this show make me wish for an early armageddon. was that too harsh?
3. american idol- don't hate me for this. i just can't get into this show. i only enjoy the audition episodes and the last 5 minutes of the finale. was anyone else shocked that adam lambert didn't win?

and while i'm at it, i'm still mad that these shows were cancelled:
cancelled brilliance
1. kevin hill- give taye diggs a chance!
2. veronica mars- proof that there are some smart high schoolers out there. not at my alma mater, but somewhere.
3. miss guided- a show created by ashton kutcher that had chris parnell from SNL playing the vice principal. awesomesauce.

what do you think? what have i forgotten? what are your faves? what should be long gone? what are you going to miss? can anyone defend two and a half men?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

a couple thoughts and the white skirt challenge

while i absolutely love having a blog totally devoted to my own personal thoughts and deep insights, i find it terribly difficult to maintain. it kills me! i have thoughts all the time of awesomely bad blog topics yet when it comes down to typing them out, i just don't. and i thought a new year's resolution of weekly blogging would help, but it just increases the guilt. anywhoo, this is the sparkling gem of prose that i came up with for this week:

speidi wearing swine flu masks .
really. it's like they ENJOY being the butt of jokes.
there are SO many things i could say about this picture. the pigs jokes are just about to spill out of my brain!
*attention hogs
*swine-tastic flesh colored beard(not by the hair of my chinny chin chin)
*they shouldn't worry about spreading swine flu, there is no evidence that it is passed from animals to humans(get it? they're the pigs? haha)
but, i'll pare the thoughts down to one.
it's unfortunate that they are only wearing face masks and that they couldn't permanently wear full body masks to keep them from reproducing and creating little speidis.

kate gosselin
stop the insanity. so what about her husband's alledged affair. let's stop this hair crime! the spikey hair in the back is BAD. horrible. it's like a suburban mom's version of the mullet, tupperware party in the front, weed whacking yard project in the back.
it had me at hello
i love this white skirt, available from wal-mart for only $15 bucks! since i love white, this should be a natural choice for me. and since it is a full skirt, the white won't make me look like a whale like white pants and capris never fail to do. the pleating should help slenderize my hips and minimize the size of my thighs. my goal is to wear it once a week this summer, never repeating the top or shoes together. if it works i'll post pictures.