Thursday, May 07, 2009

a couple thoughts and the white skirt challenge

while i absolutely love having a blog totally devoted to my own personal thoughts and deep insights, i find it terribly difficult to maintain. it kills me! i have thoughts all the time of awesomely bad blog topics yet when it comes down to typing them out, i just don't. and i thought a new year's resolution of weekly blogging would help, but it just increases the guilt. anywhoo, this is the sparkling gem of prose that i came up with for this week:

speidi wearing swine flu masks .
really. it's like they ENJOY being the butt of jokes.
there are SO many things i could say about this picture. the pigs jokes are just about to spill out of my brain!
*attention hogs
*swine-tastic flesh colored beard(not by the hair of my chinny chin chin)
*they shouldn't worry about spreading swine flu, there is no evidence that it is passed from animals to humans(get it? they're the pigs? haha)
but, i'll pare the thoughts down to one.
it's unfortunate that they are only wearing face masks and that they couldn't permanently wear full body masks to keep them from reproducing and creating little speidis.

kate gosselin
stop the insanity. so what about her husband's alledged affair. let's stop this hair crime! the spikey hair in the back is BAD. horrible. it's like a suburban mom's version of the mullet, tupperware party in the front, weed whacking yard project in the back.
it had me at hello
i love this white skirt, available from wal-mart for only $15 bucks! since i love white, this should be a natural choice for me. and since it is a full skirt, the white won't make me look like a whale like white pants and capris never fail to do. the pleating should help slenderize my hips and minimize the size of my thighs. my goal is to wear it once a week this summer, never repeating the top or shoes together. if it works i'll post pictures.


lrbodine said...

Love the Speidi comments and on the Kate hair! And especially love the white skirt. I wish they had that in Maternity size... I had to pay a pretty penny for a white maternity skirt that I plan to wear OFTEN.

Nicole said...

Ha Ha!!! That is a great white skirt, did you buy it in the store???

Paula said...

I can't stand Spencer and Heidi. He is terrible and worthless. She is worthless but she seems to be a tiny bit nicer. AS for Kate-she is a hot mess and I use to be a fan of the show but now I don't watch it because she is so mean and to me is has become all about money. Major props on the skirt-super cute and what a deal-can't beat that.