Friday, May 22, 2009


i cannot wrap my mind around how some brilliant shows are cancelled after only a short period of time while other tv shows with little to no entertainment value CONTINUE to be watched and renewed. it's baffling. it's like the number of people who watch tv whilst using their brain at the same time it's getting smaller and smaller with each passing year. i just read a short list of shows that have been cancelled for next year and i am seriously concerned about the future of our country if this pattern continues.

1. my name is earl- i was totally shocked about this one. though my viewership has recently dropped off, i always thought this show was funny(often too crude) but had a mass audience appeal. best character-joy. she made horrible bleached out fake hair and trashy wal-mart chic shirts almost enviable. almost.
2. kath and kim-for real. this show was a highlight. i found pure pleasure in pressing record on the DVR for this one. funny funny stuff. while i loved both kath and kim, the best character by FAR was-derek, kim's extranged husband's big box technology store co-worker/sidekick. the scene where he was laying on his bed and reading twilight whilst doling out relationship advice was pure comic genius.
3. privileged- i wasn't really into this show but i know of several very smart and witty people who were BIG FANS(one gal in particular who was the biggest supporter of this show but she's a not fan of twilight. this is completely incongruent to me and makes no sense whatsoever.). i must say that i did really enjoy the clothing. and that's more than i can say about some shows i've watched.

the best shows on tv
1. burn notice- i had a dream a few nights ago that i was watching this show. i am that excited for it's return on june 4th. and it's quite apropo that i was dreaming about it since i can never stay awake during an episode, no matter how riveting, and i always have to watch an episode twice. i save my laundry folding for watching this show so that i can combat my chronic couch-sitting induced narcolepsy.
2. PSYCH- just plain awesome gus. nothing better on tv.
3. 30 rock- the only thing worth watching on must-see-thursday anymore. sorry, office. you've jumped the shark.
4. scrubs- LOVE IT. here's the caveat. will it be as good without drs. dorian and cox? not that i think either are the best on the show(turk is the BEST) but the ensemble chemistry is what does it for me.

shows that should be cancelled ASAP
1. parks and recreation- sorry, amy poehler. i think you are hilarious. but this show is not. and it's a darn shame that my name is earl was sacrificed to save parks and recreation. a crying in the night shame.
2. two and a half men- i feel dumber even making comments about this show. formulaic. predictable. overtly sexual without any creativity whatsoever. and i've not even made it through an entire episode. plus, all the people i have encountered who love this show make me wish for an early armageddon. was that too harsh?
3. american idol- don't hate me for this. i just can't get into this show. i only enjoy the audition episodes and the last 5 minutes of the finale. was anyone else shocked that adam lambert didn't win?

and while i'm at it, i'm still mad that these shows were cancelled:
cancelled brilliance
1. kevin hill- give taye diggs a chance!
2. veronica mars- proof that there are some smart high schoolers out there. not at my alma mater, but somewhere.
3. miss guided- a show created by ashton kutcher that had chris parnell from SNL playing the vice principal. awesomesauce.

what do you think? what have i forgotten? what are your faves? what should be long gone? what are you going to miss? can anyone defend two and a half men?


lrbodine said...

I'm super bummed about Privilege being canceled!

But while I've watched both My Name is Earl and Kath & Kim.... I never got fully into them. So I'm not too upset that they are gone!

Meanwhile - happy that CHUCK is still on because it's on my favorites list. As well as Psych and Burn Notice.

And I honestly don't get 30 Rock. I know tons of people love it but the humor must be not be my style because I just don't get it or like the show!

Emily C said...

WHAT???!!?! PRIVELEGE is being cancelled??? that was my very favorite show!!!

and you're right about "parks and recreation" - i forced my self to watch teh first 5 episodes... but only watch it when there is NOTHING left on tivo. not that funny.

Paula said...

Boy, oh, boy I have so much to say. First off, I too am bummed that Privileged got cancelled. I enjoyed. Second, I totally agree with Parks and Rec. It isn't funny and The Office is starting to stink it up too. 30 Rock is the only funny thing on Thursday night (well, I do enjoy Ugly Betty). Logan and I were upset that Life was cancelled. It was a good show and wonder why some crap shows like Two and a Half Men are still on-seriously-do you know ANY ONE that watches that show? Because NO ONE does!

I am concerned about Scrubs. I love Turk as well and wonder if the chemistry will be there next season (if there is one). I also really liked Miss Guided and was sad to see it not picked back up. That is one of the reasons I like Glee-it reminds me of that show somewhat.

I kinda agree on American Idol. I have never really gotten into a season (expect the season with all the mormons on it). But I am a big LOST fan and there are lots of people out there that don't understand the appeal to that show either.

Becca said...

I haven't seen any of those shows except for Scrubs (hated it) and AI (didn't even watch one YouTube video of this season, but really enjoyed the season with Carrie Underwood). I'm a fan of the old shows like Little House on the Prairie, The Andy Griffith Show, and MacGyver (the latter we have been watching the last few months on

Jessica said...

PSYCH! PSYCH! PSYCH! if anyone is not watching it, they need to start. it is laugh out loud funny in virtually every episode. the whole cast is funny in my opinion.

i recently found seasons 1 and 2 bundled at target for a steal of deal, and now i can't wait for the 3rd season to come out this summer.

the sad thing is, that even though we have tons of shows lined up to dvr, the only one for me that is a must see the same night no matter what time it ends is LOST.

and even though we have been loyal AI fans since season 1, i have to say that i checked out of this season emotionally almost before it began. i didn't like so many of the things they tried to do this season. BUT i know that chances are we still be tuning in until the series finally ends. because there's always that chance that you might get to hear some brilliant performances.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

First of all, thanks for the anonymous reference. I'm glad after 10+ years of friendship I still have the ability to baffle you.

But yes, Privileged being canceled is heart-breaking. The only thing softening the blow is Glee.

I completely agree that The Office has jumped the shark. What is wrong with those writers? 30 Rock is so hilarious, but you definitely have to "get" the humor. Otherwise, it's stupid.

And ugh to American Idol! I just can't get into it. I do like the first few audition episodes, but after that I can't get into all the drama.

I don't know anyone who watches or likes Two and a Half Men.

And I think LOST is completely dumb, but I realize that I'm in the vast minority on that one.

And although I've only caught a few episodes, I think How I Met Your Mother is pretty darn funny. I mean, Neal Patrick Harris, cmon!

Carie said...

I am very, very sad they cancelled Pushing Daisies.

Lindsey said...

I honestly NEVER thought I would say this, but there is a show better than The Office. That show is 30 Rock. I totally agree with you. I honestly don't know the draw to LOST. I have enough drama in my life. I don't need to watch any drama on TV. Give me comedy. Glee is looking promising.

b + j = calculus said...

love love love burn notice!

Livin' Single said...

i'm still mad that they cancelled freaks and geeks. and that was like 10 years ago. best show ever made.

sarah said...

i'm still sad about pushing daisies. quirky and bright colors. plus dead people coming back to life AND yummy pies. who can resist?