Sunday, September 26, 2010

tight buns

tight buns seem to only exist on my head.
but that doesn't keep me from trying.

saturday it was 95 degrees. i spray painted furniture and vacuumed out the car and sweated like a porcine proletarian all day. and then i took the kids swimming.
today i woke up and it was rainy and cold. and fantastic. about 70 degrees for the high. a nice change. i busted out a jacket that i have had for at least 5 years but only wear once every other year. and today was the day. i also found that because of my spray painting adventure, my feet still had a nice black to gray ombre effect even after two showers and swimming. so hosiery became a necessity today.

and this dress doesn't really have a definitive color scheme. is it silver? is the pattern gray? what about the brown dots? and the black ribbon at the neck? and purple dots too? and the jacket? i don't wear it because the proportions are so off for my body. it's not long enough and the dress is too rectangular and this is starting to sound like a math problem. so i thought, pair it with whatever. it doesn't matter anyway. let's just slap some pattern on pattern. it will all work as long as i work it. it's not rocket surgery.
dress- target
hosiery- target
jacket- dillards
shoes- tj maxx
attitude- your mom

Saturday, September 25, 2010

friday night lights

because i'm not watching enough football as it is.

thomas and i have "our shows". psych, burn notice, modern family, 30 rock. we made it through 7 seasons of 24 and we are waiting for season 8 to become available on netflix. i have a few shows that i DVR and watch whilst ironing so that i don't have to subject thomas to them(project runway, say yes to the dress). we did watch a few episodes of bachelor pad and laughed hysterically but also felt a lot dumber afterward. (plus, it was frightening to see so many adults who had never graduated from their high school mentality of being part of the "in" crowd) not much is good and original on tv so we tend to scour netflix for our shows. we have added to our repertoire is friday night lights. we love it. football and teenage angst. we just started season 2.

there are definitely some characters that are annoying(julie) and one in particular that i would love to see drive off a cliff(lyla) but the ensemble is great. and it's not all football and drama. i laugh in every episode. my favorite character is tim riggins. and not for the reasons you may think. he cracks me up. and he has the little-boy-lost-confused-face down pat.

my other fave character is tami taylor. perhaps it is her hair. i've had pretty much every hair color possible, except for strawberry blonde. i think i may go for it.

full hearts, clear eyes, can't lose! dillon panthers football!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

hot for teacher

one of my favorite shirts has a hole in the front and an ink stain on the back. but i want to still wear it in a non-sweatpants capacity. so i nerded it up for teaching my church lesson today. i was actually trying to go for pseudo-goth-artsy-fartsy. i think i ended up with sunday-school-teacher-wearing-a-holey-shirt.
and then this morning thomas asked me why i was wearing brown shoes with a black outfit. they are red. bless his heart.
gap t-shirt
kohl's leopard print cardigan
target inverted pleat skirt
madden girl pumps a la tj maxx

Thursday, September 16, 2010

saddle up

i am suffering from indecision. i like-ish these shoes:
they were a steal, $20, but i'm not sure if they are worth it. i love the saddle shoe resemblance, but i haven't been into the wingtip/brogue look on women. they are my favorite colors, black and white, but they do resemble my least favorite 90s trend, doc martens. i think i was the ONLY person in my high school who didn't buy into this trend. call me a non-conformist, call me cheap. after hearing a certain fellow student say that everyone who was anyone needed a pair, i knew i didn't because i was content with being nobody. (isn't it interesting how people you don't like influence you as much as people you do like?)

so. what do you think? they are fun and i like fun and i would love to wear them with knee length full skirts and patterned tights. but are they worth keeping if i have reservations? $20 isn't a lot, but it could go toward something else i love. convince me please. what are your no-holds-barred thoughts?

also, what trends did you specifically do or not do because of someone?
one of my other trends i totally bought into was way super stripey blonde hair in college. i think it was a utah thing because whenever i visited home, i was the only person looking like a blonde skunk.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mood swings are never as fun as park swings

i have worn this skirt twice since i got it for christmas. so that means we aren't in love. more like mutual toleration. i love the color and the high-waistedness. but not the length. i think i will chop it up about 4 inches so that it is just below my knee. and then add a naomi judd style petticoat underneath. maybe.
but the pocket are pretty awesome.
gap outlet puffed sleeved sweater
tulle blue full skirt
target red skinny belt
charming charlie floral necklace
jessica simpson wedge heels

and some mom-about-town outfits. today parking it up with the church ladies and their kids.
jcrew outlet t shirt
gap boyfriend chinos with custom paint splatters(which always garner stares but are awesome for those inevitable bleach stains).
target floral flats
faux gucci purse i bought on the street for $12 in nyc 8 years ago.

gap v neck t(i thought it looked like me. so i bought it and always do my hair curly when i wear it.)
target skinny cargo pants(which are great fun but they def stretch out a LOT)
walmart goldenrod sneaks
ps- pushing my kids on the swings. not my favorite thing. i wish parks had a giant family swing that was solar powered so that i could sit back with them and not have to worry about getting kicked in the gut by little people who i birthed. and that idea is my contribution to society for the week.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

combating mom jeans since 2005

i love denim, but i think jeans are the single most difficult thing for me to purchase for myself. especially post partum. the body i knew for the first 25 years of my life changed forever after reagan was born. worse in some ways, better in others. one thing that i am constantly working on is disguising the accordian stomach and not creating a tummy shelf with my pants. but most important, avoiding the muffin top.
my formula for muffin top avoidance:
long, blousey fit t shirt + loose jeans with stretch +accessories for distracting the eye / just avoiding eating muffins in general =

and i wore my big wedges(which sounds crude but is totally innocent). sometimes when i wear big wedges out and about on errands and with jeans and shorts, i feel like fiona from burn notice. if she can tote around blocks of C4 for making explosives and shoot bad guys with high powered rifles from city blocks away whilst wearing big wedge heels, then surely i can handle dragging two kids around town in big shoes. and sometimes i want to shoot people, so wearing big wedges pretty much means i am in training for becoming a sniper.

and remember, muffin tops are for eating. not exposing.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

waffley good

i feel like a lame-o loser. recently, i've only been blogging my sunday outfits and making almost zero attempt to take pictures of my everyday outfits. barf. which means i haven't been trying very hard at making my everyday outfits very creative. so. i vow to try a little harder. but not much.
sunday i wore one of my favorite dresses of all time. i've had it for 10 years. i wore this dress in my engagement photos with my husband, and we've been married for 8 years so this dress has seen a lot of daylight. love my husband, love my dress. a great combo. and, i am so stoked about wearing cardis so i threw one on sunday. it's better than the things i usually throw.
plus, i forgot to put the roast in the oven before church so i was stuck making a mammoth amounts of waffles and pancakes for dinner. good thing for my fam, those both happen to be my speciality. and lucky for you i'll share my recipes with you. they are worth it.
best waffles ever amen-
1 3/4 cups flour
1 T baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 egg yolks
1 3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup oil
2 egg whites
in stand mixer beat egg white until stiff. in separate bowl mix flour, baking powder and salt. beat in milk and oil. stir wet and dry ingredients until just mixed but still lumpy. add egg whites but leave a few fluffs of egg white. do not overmix. pour onto buttered waffle iron. when done lift off with fork.
pancakes hallelujah-
1 cup flour
1/4 cup sugar
2 1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 salt
1 egg
1 cup milk
2 T melted butter
combine dry ingredients in bowl and mix well. in another bowl beat egg with milk. whisk egg mixture with dry ingredients and then mix in butter. if too thin add additional flour until desired texture is achieved. pour onto well greased pan. enjoy.
***not a staged picture***

ps- i dyed my hair black. super black. not just really dark brown. blackety black. it's a dream come true, except that i can't paint my nails black for a really long time. i don't want to be confused with a goth kid who drowns puppies.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

autumnal anticipation

fall is my fave fashion season. and these are the items i want in my closet. for free if possible. but so far, none of my favorite items are free. but i'll keep trying.

french connection winter wings sweater like a glam sweatshirt.

fun and floaty but would look so delicious with a winter white waffle weave heavy cardi and thicky thicky milkshake socks that poke out over flat boots. with a skirt. preferably gray(pssst carie, perhaps with H's new skirt?). but i guess some people like color too.

target skinny cargo pants i actually bought these this week. and i pretty much love them. i like them so much i broke my no-cargo-anything-ever-because-i-have-muscular-thighs-rule. they are great weight for transistion to cooler weather. which here in south carolina will probably be in january. and the best part? my receipt was $24 even.

gussto capri camel hobo for $390. yes, dollars not rand or yen. i'll dream for now. and when i start robbing banks everything will be different. but i just love this color with every other color on the planet. like a big pile of melted caramel.

jcrew crystal parade necklace i really hope claire's or charming charlie knocks this off for less than $20. because, "shut it down. i die. bananas." thank you rachel zoe. i want to wear this with everything and nothing. my underwear would look fantastic with this. get your mind out of the gutter.

animal print cardi from banana republic i want this so bad i can taste it. perhaps with the floaty french connection top??? just a thought.

tory burch howard wedge hiking boot start saving now. another great shoe to be knocked off as soon as possible. i'll be haunting bakers until then.

military style jacket from delias just for fun. but not combined with the cargo pants. no one needs a cargo suit. this would be great with a soft scarf and big, huge diamond studs.
the end. hurray for fall.