Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mood swings are never as fun as park swings

i have worn this skirt twice since i got it for christmas. so that means we aren't in love. more like mutual toleration. i love the color and the high-waistedness. but not the length. i think i will chop it up about 4 inches so that it is just below my knee. and then add a naomi judd style petticoat underneath. maybe.
but the pocket are pretty awesome.
gap outlet puffed sleeved sweater
tulle blue full skirt
target red skinny belt
charming charlie floral necklace
jessica simpson wedge heels

and some mom-about-town outfits. today parking it up with the church ladies and their kids.
jcrew outlet t shirt
gap boyfriend chinos with custom paint splatters(which always garner stares but are awesome for those inevitable bleach stains).
target floral flats
faux gucci purse i bought on the street for $12 in nyc 8 years ago.

gap v neck t(i thought it looked like me. so i bought it and always do my hair curly when i wear it.)
target skinny cargo pants(which are great fun but they def stretch out a LOT)
walmart goldenrod sneaks
ps- pushing my kids on the swings. not my favorite thing. i wish parks had a giant family swing that was solar powered so that i could sit back with them and not have to worry about getting kicked in the gut by little people who i birthed. and that idea is my contribution to society for the week.


lrbodine said...

Should I admit that I sometimes pick parks WITHOUT swings - just so I won't have to deal with pushing my kids?

Love the outfit choices. Every time I see them - I'm inspired to go shopping but I think you need to come with.

Elaine said...

I love it. It reminds me of the prairie skirt in Anthro.

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HJolley said...

You are so pretty. And i actually like the length of the blue skirt, and I think you pull it off well. I wore my hair as high in the sky as i could today, in your honor.

Meredith said...

I like the skirt. It'll look way cute if you bring it up some. :)

Leah said...

I hardly ever push my kids on the swing. They know that i won't so they always sucker some stranger who is already pushing their own kid to give them a push. I just sit back and watch and think SUCKA! LOL

Lindsey said...

I actually love that skirt on you, including the length.

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