Wednesday, September 01, 2010

autumnal anticipation

fall is my fave fashion season. and these are the items i want in my closet. for free if possible. but so far, none of my favorite items are free. but i'll keep trying.

french connection winter wings sweater like a glam sweatshirt.

fun and floaty but would look so delicious with a winter white waffle weave heavy cardi and thicky thicky milkshake socks that poke out over flat boots. with a skirt. preferably gray(pssst carie, perhaps with H's new skirt?). but i guess some people like color too.

target skinny cargo pants i actually bought these this week. and i pretty much love them. i like them so much i broke my no-cargo-anything-ever-because-i-have-muscular-thighs-rule. they are great weight for transistion to cooler weather. which here in south carolina will probably be in january. and the best part? my receipt was $24 even.

gussto capri camel hobo for $390. yes, dollars not rand or yen. i'll dream for now. and when i start robbing banks everything will be different. but i just love this color with every other color on the planet. like a big pile of melted caramel.

jcrew crystal parade necklace i really hope claire's or charming charlie knocks this off for less than $20. because, "shut it down. i die. bananas." thank you rachel zoe. i want to wear this with everything and nothing. my underwear would look fantastic with this. get your mind out of the gutter.

animal print cardi from banana republic i want this so bad i can taste it. perhaps with the floaty french connection top??? just a thought.

tory burch howard wedge hiking boot start saving now. another great shoe to be knocked off as soon as possible. i'll be haunting bakers until then.

military style jacket from delias just for fun. but not combined with the cargo pants. no one needs a cargo suit. this would be great with a soft scarf and big, huge diamond studs.
the end. hurray for fall.


Nicole said...

I just read today that camel is the IT color for fall! LOVE the Bag!!!

Tess said...

You make me laugh...a cargo suit. Hahahaha.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Military. Camel. Menswear as womenswear. Womanly shapes. Is that Project Runway on trend for fall 2010 or what?

Jessica said...

i love the military jacket best of all. but it would definitely look horrible on me with my current shape. hahahaha. also love the bag.

myedit said...

The cargo pants... I need a cross border trip for that goodness...

dennicapearl said...

i adore your header, and most importantly your review on the bag :D

fall fashion is bliss.

im a new follower. follow back :D

<3 dennica pearl
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