Monday, August 27, 2007

2 lessons...

first lesson
i love a good pageant and if you missed miss teen usa on friday, you missed an especially enjoyable one. if you have been feeling down on yourself lately, don't. at least you aren't miss teen south carolina!
even mario lopez is laughing at her!!!
lesson learned: stop while you're ahead. not that she was very far ahead to begin with when she started this non-sensical answer.

second lesson
and why in the world does jessica simpson not look like this all the time? she looks great and fresh and intelligent. this should be her new look. it's called "pretty". not garish and overdone and over plumped and fake and over made up. by the way she normally looks, she could have a bratz doll named after her.

well done jessica simpson. now about that movie career...and the singing...and the decision to divorce nick.

lesson 2: there are still many lessons in life to be learned.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

new hair new me

yesterday i took the leap and i got my hair cut. it was quite the ordeal. when all was said and done i lost 6 inches of hair. i was light headed from all of the weight of my hair being gone. then to see gobs of hair all over the floor also made me quite emotional. however, i was tough and no tears flowed until i got to the car.

it's not exactly what i wanted. i was hoping to preserve more length. i was hoping to only cut off four inches, but the scissors were not in my hands. thankfully my hair grows fast. the other thing that was hard to deal with was the way she styled it. she used a small round brush to dry it and it was very boingy, reminiscent of curling your whole head of hair under with a 2 inch curling iron. not flattering. anywhooo, i guess i am stuck with it for a while.

in other news, i was slightly annoyed with one of the comments from the stylist. she asked me what i "do" and i said that i take care of my children. she then replied, "oh, i want kids but i could never do that." is this annoying to anyone else? i know she wasn't trying to slight me, but it doesn't sound like a compliment either. this is not the first time i have gotten that reaction either. if a person thinks that staying home with your children is a difficult job, they need to just say that. don't make a remark that sounds like what i am doing is boring, unfulfilling, undesireable, _________ you fill in the blank. sure, sometimes i am bored and sometimes i really don't like cleaning up messes. once in a while i yell. and i don't like waking up early. occasionally i really want to wear dry clean only clothes and go off by myself and sit in an office and prove to the world that i am smart, accomplished and important. but i'm not here to prove anything to the world. i only need to prove things to God and my family. that is all. what i really wanted to say to the stylist was "fine, if you don't want to stay home, then don't have kids. kids are not an accessory. they are not trendy. we don't have kids because they are the latest thing that hollywood is doing. kids need you more than anything or anyone else. " ***

but i don't, i just smile and grit my teeth and think evil thoughts.

(***this comment is not to offend anyone who is in the workforce. we all have things that we have to do.)