Monday, August 27, 2007

2 lessons...

first lesson
i love a good pageant and if you missed miss teen usa on friday, you missed an especially enjoyable one. if you have been feeling down on yourself lately, don't. at least you aren't miss teen south carolina!
even mario lopez is laughing at her!!!
lesson learned: stop while you're ahead. not that she was very far ahead to begin with when she started this non-sensical answer.

second lesson
and why in the world does jessica simpson not look like this all the time? she looks great and fresh and intelligent. this should be her new look. it's called "pretty". not garish and overdone and over plumped and fake and over made up. by the way she normally looks, she could have a bratz doll named after her.

well done jessica simpson. now about that movie career...and the singing...and the decision to divorce nick.

lesson 2: there are still many lessons in life to be learned.


Rachel said...

Nice post. That is hilarious, sadly I missed the pageant, you should have sent out a blast email reminder. Mario did a pretty good job not totally laughing in her face.
Thanks for the laugh- I'll look forward to more life lessons.

katherine said...

Miss Teen South Carolina almost made me pee my pants I was laughing so hard. I was also a little embarrassed for her. Boy that question should've been a no brainer--where did South Africa and Iraq come from? I guess that answers the question "Why most American (or was it US Americans?) cant' locate the US on a map?" hmm.....