Friday, January 23, 2009

i HOPE she doesn't make this blunder again

like everyone else on the planet, i was most excited for inauguration day to see what michelle obama would wear to the numerous balls that she and the president would attend. good fashion should be completely bi-partisan, so what can more easily unite a nation than fantastic clothes?

my gut reaction when i first saw her was two words: toilet paper. i was completely disappointed. i was down in the dumps for about 30 minutes after viewing her inauguration night ball gown. i have really enjoyed seeing what mrs. obama wears and this night was no exception. i only wish she could have delivered.

mrs. obama is not a fussy person and i think the sparkles and flowers gave her the impression of being child-like or a bridesmaid. this woman is was the bride on tuesday and she therefore should be commanding the attention and respect of a bride, not her junior bridesmaid younger sister. or resembling the streamers on the get-away car.

according to designer jason wu,
"It's soft, feminine, but powerful; I wanted to convey all that in a dress. I wanted it to look like a sign of hope."
yeah, i HOPE she doesn't make this blunder again. i was hoping for something less flower child, more full-bloom rose.
ball gown pluses-
the color white. AMAZING color choice. her skin just glows. she should wear white everyday. that would stimulate the economy because women would be rushing out to buy white shirts to try and look half as fantastic as she does in white. (i also love to wear white. perhaps i should start a trend?)
the one shoulder strap. i love this on her. LOVE IT! she has amazing shoulders and this look displayed them well.
ball gown minuses-
the gauzy flowers. this just didn't translate well. it appeared unfinished.
the length. either she needed the dress to be bustled or she and the president needed to practice beforehand because they both looked like two robots stuck in glue as they both kept getting caught up in the skirt of the dress.
a related note-
i wish she had worn at least half her hair pulled back from her face. i think it would have been more formal and would could have gotten a better look at her dangly earrings.

the lemongrass inauguration suit was more palatable to my senses, but in some photos is looked decidely mustard, which is not a color i believe that the First Lady should wear. i tried to reserve judgement on the suit until i had seen several angles and screen captures, but something was just not quite right. mrs. obama is a tall lady and all the loose, heavy fabric gave her almost a couch-like appearance. if the sheath dress had been a solid fabric of the same color i believe the visual busy-ness would have been toned down.

loved the leather gloves.

and the brooch at the neck. i didn't like the sweater under the jacket and over the sheath dress. too much.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

resolute this!

i love making resolutions. it's just another excuse for me to make another one of my beloved lists.
in no particular order:
1. 6 o'clock am scripture study. get it done while i am alone and the house is quiet. hopefully this will also help me improve my sleep habits and get to bed earlier.

2. run 4 road races. half-marathon, 10k, 5k, 5k

3. no junk in january. i need to detox. this past month has been like an IV of sugar straight into my veins.

4. read 3 books per month. should be doable. this will keep me from getting dumber. i have a lot of people who like to help me with that. i need to actively combat their wiley ways. this includes my monthly book club book.

5. update both blogs weekly.

6. learn a new southern recipe every two weeks. i don't want to lose my touch.

7. two week menu planner. this has worked pretty well for me for the last two months and i think i have saved a considerable amount of money.

8. one week a month of thank you only prayers. last sunday's RS lesson inspired me to find more gratitude in my life. thanks to elder bednar for the inspiration on this one.

9. read Book of Mormon twice. real reading. even though i already know the ending.just kidding. i love to read it and i look forward to the challenge of trying to understand it more and more.

10. go to WOF and OOF. seriously. i can't believe that i didn't make an appearance at either place last summer. plus, it's a good incentive to get swimsuit ready. you never know when talents scouts will be looking for new models. i've got to be ready.

projects for 2009
1. create an acceptable outfit wall. i have a GOB of clothes that i never wear and i have no motivation to wear. this project includes photographing and displaying pictures of me in outfits that i like on the back of my closet door. hopefully this will help me explore my closet and rekindle my relationship with some of my clothes. i used to have a wedding dress wall. i figure i should do this with something useful and will help me simplify my daily life.

2. decorate and organize my home office. it's a wreck and if i want to accomplish some of the sewing projects i have tucked away in my brain, i need a clean area to do it. the box of 500 sewing pins dumped on the floor is sort of a safety hazard.

3. 365 photojournal. i saw this on someone else's blog and i thought it was a fun challenge. of course i will follow my own rules, but i think it would be interesting to have a picture from every day of the year.

motto for the year:
magnify the calling, simplify the work

and my fitness/healthy eating mantra:
eating right accounts for 85 percent of weight management. exercise accounts for 15 percent of weight management. i can't let myself think that because i worked out i deserve to eat an entire batch of cookie dough.

eat healthy 85 percent of the time and allow myself junk 15 percent of the time.