Thursday, January 01, 2009

resolute this!

i love making resolutions. it's just another excuse for me to make another one of my beloved lists.
in no particular order:
1. 6 o'clock am scripture study. get it done while i am alone and the house is quiet. hopefully this will also help me improve my sleep habits and get to bed earlier.

2. run 4 road races. half-marathon, 10k, 5k, 5k

3. no junk in january. i need to detox. this past month has been like an IV of sugar straight into my veins.

4. read 3 books per month. should be doable. this will keep me from getting dumber. i have a lot of people who like to help me with that. i need to actively combat their wiley ways. this includes my monthly book club book.

5. update both blogs weekly.

6. learn a new southern recipe every two weeks. i don't want to lose my touch.

7. two week menu planner. this has worked pretty well for me for the last two months and i think i have saved a considerable amount of money.

8. one week a month of thank you only prayers. last sunday's RS lesson inspired me to find more gratitude in my life. thanks to elder bednar for the inspiration on this one.

9. read Book of Mormon twice. real reading. even though i already know the ending.just kidding. i love to read it and i look forward to the challenge of trying to understand it more and more.

10. go to WOF and OOF. seriously. i can't believe that i didn't make an appearance at either place last summer. plus, it's a good incentive to get swimsuit ready. you never know when talents scouts will be looking for new models. i've got to be ready.

projects for 2009
1. create an acceptable outfit wall. i have a GOB of clothes that i never wear and i have no motivation to wear. this project includes photographing and displaying pictures of me in outfits that i like on the back of my closet door. hopefully this will help me explore my closet and rekindle my relationship with some of my clothes. i used to have a wedding dress wall. i figure i should do this with something useful and will help me simplify my daily life.

2. decorate and organize my home office. it's a wreck and if i want to accomplish some of the sewing projects i have tucked away in my brain, i need a clean area to do it. the box of 500 sewing pins dumped on the floor is sort of a safety hazard.

3. 365 photojournal. i saw this on someone else's blog and i thought it was a fun challenge. of course i will follow my own rules, but i think it would be interesting to have a picture from every day of the year.

motto for the year:
magnify the calling, simplify the work

and my fitness/healthy eating mantra:
eating right accounts for 85 percent of weight management. exercise accounts for 15 percent of weight management. i can't let myself think that because i worked out i deserve to eat an entire batch of cookie dough.

eat healthy 85 percent of the time and allow myself junk 15 percent of the time.


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

You are inspiring! I'm off to jot down my own goals now.

Emily C said...

these are really good. would you mind sending me an example of your 2 week menu planner? if its not typed up already, no big deal. i just really need to do this, and have NEVER been able to get around to doing it. and partly beacuse i don't have enough ideas for 2 weeks worth of meals.

Rachel said...

i agree with Emily, let's see your 2 week menu plan, every two weeks, it will help with two of your goals, a post and then you'll have to do it, and we'll all benefit.
Impressive goals by the way!

Sarah Beck said...

You are brilliant~I'm adopting your motto!

lrbodine said...

I definitely need to get my goals written down for the year... but I'm still needing to unpack from vacation and that fun stuff. Great running goals on your list! And I love the eating healthy thing. I definitely need to forget all the sugar I put in my body in December and start over!

Paula said...

look at you sassy lady. I use a menu calendar and love it. it seriously has helped me big time. I HATED thinking of what to cook every night so I decided to do a calendar and now I don't have to think of something every day-it's already done for me.

Jessica said...

i love reading everyone's resolutions (and i love your love of making lists). i especially love your 85/15 rule. its fabulous. and amen on the no junk in january. i think i've gained 5-7 pounds since thanksgiving. :(

keep us posted on everything!