Wednesday, July 25, 2007

do you bunco?

what does everyone think about the parlour game bunco? i don't know much so i would like some input. has anyone participated in a bunco night? would you consider is gambling? comments may be anonymous if you would like...

Friday, July 20, 2007

milo, posh and snape

i guess i owe fergie an apology. she doesn't completely suck. just mostly. since i am nursing scarlett 32 hours a day, i seem to have a lot more time for reading and tv. this morning i watched some of vh1's video countdown and i discovered that the song "big girls don't cry " was sung by her. well, you could have knocked my socks off. this song is surprisingly unlike the rest of the insipid and vacuous "music" she "sings". "my humps" is about as awful and mind-numbing as you can get. and "fergalicious"? how original. no, that is nothing like "bootylicious". but that is another post for another day.

anywhoo, i watched the entire "big girls don't cry" and imagine my surprise when i realized that jess(milo ventimiglia) from the gilmore girls plays that heavily tatooed, thuggy boyfriend in her video. and he actually looked like an adult. i never thought that he looked old enough to drive on GG.

they both look perfect for each other. unwashed, disgruntled truck stop employees. i think his neck tatoo really enhances her ghetto fabulous lee press on nails. i hope his associations with fergie don't ruin things for him on "heroes". i hear that is a great show. wouldn't know personally.

that brings me to my next point: what happened to jess on GG? why didn't rory fight for that relationship? i stopped watching GG this past season because the whole luke/lorelai stuff got ridiculous, but i always wanted jess to come back. he was always my favorite. dean was a dumb, lamesauce loser that worked at a grocery store and logan was fun for a while because he was rich, but he eventually got old too. jess wore all black and slouched and brooded and read literature. every girl wants a wounded soul to fix, right?


MAJOR! that is my new catch phrase thanks to posh spice!

last night i watched victoria beckham: coming to america. can i confess that i really enjoyed that guilty pleasure? and i was pleasantly surprised by her personality. she has one! she only looks mindless. she seemed like a nice enough person. and if she can pretend to be a nice person in LA, then she might just have an acting career after all! and i have always liked the name victoria. and the haircut is killer. too bad i am not that brave to sport it myself. but, i may be busting out the high heels more often. she's a mom or should i say mum of three and she wears them all the time! i have 2 kids so i figure i will be the posh spice of montgomery, alabama. i just need to think of a catchy nickname. let's all brainstorm.


finally, to my legions of readers that are harry potter fans, i really hope snape is a good guy. he and neville longbottom are my two favourites. i just can't believe that snape killed dumbledore just for killings sake. there has to be a good reason. perhaps someday i will even read the books!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i'm not dead

but my hairstyle is.
i need help picking a new hairstyle. my hair is LOOOONG. too long. i decided that i need to cut it to shoulder length, which is a good 5 inches. also, i have frizzy-fried-naturally wavy hair and i live in a very humid climate, so i need to cut it to one layer to minimize pouf and flyaways.
here are your options: each picture is not exactly perfect. try and imagine them on me, hitting my shoulder blades.
yes, i know that they are all very similar, but pick the one you like best.