Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i sing the library blues

the only thing that would make this photo better is if steve spurrier was still coaching florida. hurray for the bulldogs and their beat down of south carolina. but, i must say, spurrier is the kind of coach that i love to hate. ruining his no shut out since 1987 record...priceless. makes for a happy simpson home.

thomas has been instrumental in my football conversion process. i have always liked football, but it was usually limited to about one game a week. now i find myself turning on games to watch by myself. yikes! who am i?
other thoughts for today:
i went to the main public library today. i am hosting the ward book club at my house tonight and i was needing to see if there were more copies of the selected book. first of all, the library is in a ROUGH part of town. it is just a few blocks from out chapel. they keep our chapel locked up tight most of the time and they have people patrolling the parking lot during activities. does that paint a clear picture? secondly, the layout and selection was not good. confusing. few books. i asked the children's librarian where they kept the board books because i searched and searched and could not find any. she led me to a 1 foot by 2 foot bookshelf with 2 board books on it. great. thanks! so i head to the card catalog and start searching for books for the club and for leisure reading. nothing was available at this branch so i just start wandering around picking up a few things. i go to check out. i informed the man that i needed to get a library card since i had just moved to town. i figured that since september is national library card month, it should be no problem. he asked for id. he took one look at my driver's license and asked if it was my current address. no, it was from my tuscaloosa address. then he said that he would need two forms of id with my current address on it. hello??? have you been to the dmv lately? no one renews their license just to update their address. hassel-city. all i had was my checkbook with my new address on it. at this point i am thinking, "do i look like a book stealer?" he was adamant that he could do nothing for me without two forms of id with my current address. he suggested a utility bill. or my lease. RIGHT! i carry those around with me for occasions such as this! not really. picked up reagan and left at that point. i didn't even say anything else to him, i was so mad! sure, it was a very petty situation. i overreacted. at least i didn't give him the same attitude he gave me. i walked out the door and started crying. i am such a baby. even worse, i am still mad about it. my period must be starting soon. that is the only logical explanation. i came home and ate two large bowls of ice cream. another good period indicator.
finally, what is the deal with my new blog? where are my titles? i have searched high and low for a title option, but it is just not to be found. one more thing, why in the world can't i load pictures from the internet. i had to add steve spurrier to my photo album. i am no computer expert, but these are basics i am struggling with today. HELP!

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