Thursday, September 21, 2006

tonight tonight toniiiiight, wooo, ohhh!

thank you to phil collins for the introduction.
today we have a very special treat. due to a special request from among my legions on fans, today's post will be dedicated to the office(cue music)duh DAH da dah deh duh dun dun duh duh duh deh, dun DAH da dah deh de.......

where does one truly begin in an analysis of the office? it is like describing a perfect, beautiful sunrise. somethings are best said in pictures.

as i have anticipated this season, i have tried to hypothesize the season's direction. i have come up with many a conjecture. at this time, i will describe a few. the first question we need to answer is, Jim and Pam. what in the world is going to happen with them? having the knowledge of the season finale, my original idea won't work. i had thought that possibly, roy could have cheated on pam, therefore ending the engagement. this option would have allowed for the jim/pam drama/angst to continue without ruining the comedic nature and tone of the show. my biggest fear is that the new season will showcase the jim/pam relationship and ignore all of the idiosyncrasies that make the show so special.

nevertheless, even with jim and pam kissing in the season 2 finale, we have some new issues to deal with. in the dispute mediation episode, it came to light that toby hadn't been filing any of dwight's grievances with jim. he had only been boxing them up. when dwight finds this out(being assistant TO the regional manager), he demands that michael either transfer or fire jim. jim takes the opportunity to interview with michael's woman jan for a better position. we already know from previews that jim will continue to be with the dunder mifflin scranton office, but we do not know to what capacity. my thought is perhaps jim was offered the better position, but it was with the office that was ultimately downsized. the threat of downsizing has always been there since season 1.

another issue is that of jan and michael. there was OBVIOUS disappointment on the side of jan when she saw that michael had another date at casino night. will she now forever be a woman scorned? will michael, the little kid lover, get date offers from other women on his online dating account?

furthermore, will ryan the temp ever be ryan the full-timer or is business school just a pipe dream for him? and if he IS hired on, what kind of new tension will develop between him and dwight(waylon smithers)?

finally, (well, not really, but i do try and have an outside life other than blogging,)what about dwight and angela? my thoughts were for a while that angela would be the one that roy cheats with because of some statements he had made during the firedrill about her being the "uptight Christian", but with a "hot a**". hmmm, still a possibility.
one more thing. will oscar ever be "outed" in the office? will merideth ever get a vodka IV put in her veins? will toby and michael ever duke it out? where can i buy a scrantonicity album? there is no such thing as "one more thing" and the office.
for real this time...i spent a few minutes researching photos for the blog. there are some crazy women out there who LUST for john krasinski's(jim halpert) body. yikes. pretty scary. i wonder if he is afraid. i am afraid for him.


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Oh WOW! WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW! LOVED this entry. Like seriously, I'm in LOVE with it! I have sooooooo much to comment on, but I fear it will have to be after tonight's premier, as Everett is fussing, needs a bath and to be put to bed and Will isn't home yet. I'm pretty sure Oscar will be outed tonight as the title of the episode is "The Gay Witch Hunt". Just my opinion.

Dangit! You said some REALLY great stuff, but my quality response is going to have to wait.

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

We have to talk. I have too many rants, raves, commentaries, complaints, opinions, questions, etc. a/b the episode for one measly comment box. Expect a phone call this weekend.

Paula said...

I don't know if you knew this but Logan and I are HUGE Office fans. We hosted an Office party last night and even had Office trivia. I am sure Natalie will tell you about it. LOVED the entry and so mad from last night's episode. How dare Jim transfer!! I know it is to cause the conflict to go on between them, but I really want Pam and Jim together!. Anyways, love the Office and love the commentary.