Saturday, September 16, 2006

mary kate and ashley and hilary duff, oh my!

i don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but pre-teen mainstays mary kate and ashley and hilary duff have "designed" their own low priced clothing lines. while i applaud the likes of wal-mart and target for stepping up their pre-teen fashions, i wonder why this couldn't have happened, say, 14 years ago? you know, when i was struggling with the junior high issues of dorky clothes and insecurities? i don't recall anything that the 1992 wal-mart had to offer being remotely acceptable. i recall one day when i wore a jacket from wal-mart. i thought it was cute, but i was afraid that is screamed "WAL-MART"! so i wore it with apprehension. i just knew that everyone was talking about me that day. all the whispers were..."wal-mart jacket...wal-mart jacket...WAL-MART JACKET!" then to completely frost my cake, at church on sunday i saw a MOM wearing the same wal-mart jacket. UTTER MORTIFICATION! i ownded a mom jacket! of course, i could never wear the jacket again. i felt awful. i knew it was a waste of money to wear something only once (i only have paris hilton's lazy eye, i don't have the same shopping habits), but the jacket was now cursed. TABOO. what if i wore it again and i saw a (gasp) teacher wearing one too? so, i gave it to my mother. she is a saint. she didn't even ask questions. thank goodness. attending junior high is bad enough. explaining why i couldn't wear the wal-mart mom jacket again would have put me over the top.
back to the original point of this post. all of these clothes are MKA or hilary duff. so cute! why don't they have these for adults? i am WAY past being afraid to wear wal-mart clothes!

mary kate and ashley

mary kate and ashley

stuff by hilary duff

mary kate and ashley

mary kate and ashley

yesterday i spent mucho timo selecting a new "skin" for my blog. i personalized it and painstakingly loved it and basically spent my entire nap time free time on the blog. then i posted it and guess what? the comment option would not work. so i spent more time remedying the problem, but to no avail. so as of right now we are stuck with the boring blog. but this is the pic that i was going to use to frame my heidiluxe title. please use your imagination now.....


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Cool picture! Oh how I wish it would've worked for you.

Cute clothes from MKAO. I kinda wish that they were in my size!

Soooo, Logan and Paula bought the first and second seasons of "The Office" and I have now seen every episode. When the second season was running, I kept forgetting to watch it, evene though when I did, I always liked it. Well now that I've been able to see all the episodes, I'm PUMPED a/b the season premier this Thursday!!!! I suggest you do an entry a/b your opinion on "The Office", the characters, your favorite episodes and of course, what you think it going to happen btwn Jim and Pam!!!

heidiluxe said...

girl! that is a GREAT idea. i love the office. best thing on tv. i am glad that you are in the know on that.