Thursday, September 14, 2006

i love fashion week

i think that scarlett johannsen is hiding the fact that she is pregnant, out the back of her head. and she made her dress with a bedazzler. carmen electra? scarlett o'hara resurrected with anne of avonlea's hairstyle.

when we were kids, my older brother steve and i would play "guess that gender". i think the game is self explanatory. hopefully you can piece together why i made this jared leto's caption. i am not a fan of skinny pants, especially on males. this is too reminiscent of david bowie's gender bending ziggy stardust. and i HATE those clogs on anyone over 12. plus from the waist up i feel like i should ask him to check all my fluid levels after my oil change. mechanic chic?

i am paris hilton? sweet caroline sent me this picture. i love her to bits! but my first thought was that one of my eyes looks "heavier" than the other, a la paris hilton. i have always been a little self conscious about "righty" but i tried to let it go. not a big deal mostly just something to laugh good naturedly about. maybe i will try and enter some paris hilton look alike contests. you know, carry meatball around in a purse, stand awkwardly, smile seductively with my sleepy eye.


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Oh Jared Leto, what has happened to you? He would have been better keeping his Jordan Catalano wardrobe than trotting around Fashion Week in THAT ensemble.

And as for righty, do you know in all the years I've known you I've never, not once, noticed that? This says one of two things: Either I'm completely oblivious to my friends and totally self-absorbed, or it's not that big a deal. I vote for reason #2.

(And as a confession of my own, I kinda like Scarlett's hair. Reminds me of Annette Funnicello (or however it's spelled) from the Mickey Mouse Club and some 80s flick a/b kids on the beach..."Back to the Beach" perhaps?)

Also, thanks for starting this blog. It gives me a chance to be completely superficial, but w/o my family checking to read my thoughts. Keep this on the DL for as long as possible!! Hasn't anyone else discovered how fun Heidiluxe is?!?!?!

heidiluxe said...

i have only told thomas about my secret/double life. funny thing is though, i've got it posted on my friends list. it is only a matter of time and my time wasting exercise is exposed!!!