Wednesday, February 28, 2007

that's a good thing

i went to ross dress for less today on a whim. i was searching for maternity stuff and ended up with:

a pair of maternity dress shorts-$9.99
a pair of maternity jeans-$14.99
3 juniors could-pass-as-maternity tops-$7.99 each for a grand total of
it was like i was in college again! i knew i hadn't lost my touch.

on another note, last night was nearly a disaster, but sooperthomas stepped in and saved the day. i was making a more elaborate dinner than usual because we were having the missionaries over. normally our dinners consist of a main dish and a vegetable, but i wanted to show my missionary appreciation by making a dinner with a main dish, vegetable, special dinner rolls, salad and dessert. i had plenty of time and i was very fastidious in my preparation. then tragedy struck. i was rolling the rolls in the parmesan/garlic topping mixture and i realized that it was time to switch gears and get my large pyrex dish out of the cabinet above the counter space i was working on. i reached to grab the dish, not realizing that the dish was being obstructed by some other small dishes on top of it and the large pyrex dish came crashing down on top of my workspace, crushing 3 bowls full of butter and parmesan/garlic and a plate full of the rolls. glass shards flew everywhere and reagan and meatball ran into the kitchen to check out the commotion. meatball(always barefoot) wants to lick all the glass pieces and reagan is only wearing socks on his feet. at this point i am scrambling to get the broken pieces under control and divert the boys away to the other room in order to avoid an emergency room visit. reagan thinks that he is in trouble and begins to cry and wants me to pick him up and cuddle him. i am bawling my eyes out at this point because he is so upset. while i am holding reagan i am trying to pick up some of the smaller pieces of glass off the floor and put them on top of the larger pieces. i am so frazzled that instead of throwing the pieces in the garbage, i throw them in the washing machine. i would like to blame this momentary insanity and overwhelming display of emotion on pregnancy. fresh tears pour from my eyes as i try and pick the smaller pieces out of the nooks and crevices of the washing machine. wonderful thomas was inspired to call me at this point from work and deciphers my weeping, psychobabbling gushing and shows up an hour later with dessert and salad in hand. what a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. YES, he is!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

when service isn't service (ignore the grammatical errors, i am venting)

according to a recent poll on some pointless gossip website an astonishing 77% of readers said that they would rather grant custody to kevin federline than britney spears. and i was among that 77%! hath hell frozeneth overeth?

anyway, i am in need of some serious advice/reinforcement/chocolate cookies. recently, i was chatting with a sister in the ward about life with a newborn. she was saying that she was in school and also trying to work part-time and money is tight. i offered to help her out if she occasionally needed someone to watch cameron, her 2 month-old son. i said something along the lines of "i would love to help you out sometime, give me a call if something comes up." being a young mother, i am all about trying to help other mothers out. however, this sister, who we'll call, chutney, seems to think that i am now her permanent babysitter. last week, i watched her baby 3 times for about 3-5 hours a shot. the day i watched her baby for three hours, she ended up staying at my house an additional 2 hours to discuss her life including all sorts of things i didn't need to know about anybody, let alone a nearly perfect stranger. chutney always calls the night before she needs a sitter, regardless of how long she knew about her work/school schedule. plus, she always fudges on the amount of time that she needs me to keep cameron. often she'll say, only about two hours, or whenever her husband gets off work. i honestly think that she is lying to make the amount of time not sound as long as she really needs. she is married, but i guess her husband works full time, including saturdays(???) and is unable(unwilling?) to help. and she often mentions that he is a non-member and wants to make a good impression on him with the Church. if find that very sketchy and manipulative towards me. after last saturday's never ending babysitting appointment, i vowed to myself that i was taking at LEAST a week off from watching her baby and after that once a week at the most. on her way out the door, chutney told me her work schedule for the following week and i didn't say anything because i didn't think she was implying that i should write it down and be prepared to babysit. well, i was wrong. she left me two messages on Presidents Day, once to ask if i wanted to go to lunch and then again later to see if i could watch her baby at 7:15am the next morning because she had class. i never called her back. i should have, but i really didn't know what to say to her. i even made thomas practice some "role plays" with me so that i would be prepared to tell her NO in the future. then yesterday she calls me again and wants to know if i can babysit today because her husband is sick. when i tell her i can't because i need more notice, she then gives me a guilt trip about how her husband is throwing up and she doesn't want her baby to get sick too. i don't take the bait and i just said it was too bad for her husband. plus, she already told me her work schedule for the week and she was going to need a sitter for today even if her husband wasn't sick. PEOPLE!!! i have been sick before and i still take care of my child!!! she sounded REALLY annoyed with me and i wanted to be a jerk, but i cannot allow myself to act like that towards her. then TODAY, when i said i was going to be busy all day(i have been, it has been 73 degrees and sunny so reagan and i played in the yard to our heart's content and then we went and threw pennies in the local wishing well) she left me a message again to let me know when she would need me next week, so that i would have "enough notice"!!! excuse me, do i work for her and not know it? by her calling to let me know when she needs me, is that her asking me or telling me? am i on call for babysitting just because i offered to help? does chutney think that because i am a stay at home mom that i don't do anything but watch TV all day and can watch other people's kids at the drop of the hat? bytheway, i have my own very active almost 2 year old and i am 5 months pregnant and i have my own life!!! she doesn't pay me, and i don't want money anyway. i rarely get a thank you! i want her to get responsible for the life she is living and for the child that she brought into this world!!! GGGRRRRR!
so, this is what i want to say and please tell me if it is forceful enough, civil enough, well worded, and understandable to someone who doesn't understand basic socialization. i can't just avoid her because i will see her on sunday.
"chutney, i understand that you are in need of long term child care and unfortunately, that can't be me. please look into day care or a permanent paid babysitter. or please call our relief society president and see if she can help you arrange some additional help from other sisters in the ward." ideas???

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


thomas and i watch the office A LOT. we own both seasons one and two and when we find normal primetime television exceedingly dull (usually monday nights and friday nights) we watch an episode or two. plus outtakes. and then about 20 minutes for reflection and discussion. one thing that we have noticed is that creed is GREAT. hilarious, gross, weird and perfect for the office. to his co-workers, however, his personal life is still a mystery (except for the fact that he is a pervert). but we as viewers have learned a lot about him just through asides to the camera crew. for example, in the booze cruise episode we learn that he traveled around in the sixties with a band called the grassroots and played a mean lead guitar and only has an attention span of 90 seconds. in other episodes we learn of his love for sprouting mung beans (smell like death) in his desk and eating them. he also spent time as a teenager in an iron lung. he is clever at removing gift tags from wedding gifts and replacing them with his own card.

more bits of creed-

eats at a soup kitchen downtown

speaks chinese

doesn't know which one pam is but wants a seat facing the receptionist

has been arrested

steals because "he stopped caring a long time ago"

has four toes on one foot

got devon fired by confusing michael

keeps a dustbuster by his desk

a DJ in the seventies

owned his first refridgerator after he won one at casino night
readers, any other creed favorites or memories???

Monday, February 12, 2007

expanding belly, no expanding budget

this pregnancy i am absolutely determined to wear clothes that i completely and totally love. when i am on my "monthly"(haha, many of you know me better) cycle, i just want to shop to help relieve some of the pms burden of raging hormones. should that be any different with 9 months of raging hormones??? when i was prego with reagan i only bought a few things for myself and wore regular clothes as long as possible. i know that having all new maternity clothes isn't imperative for any pregnant woman as you are only wearing maternity for about 5ish months right? but i still want a few trendy, fashionable pieces to help me feel hot and delicious with my expanding belly. let's just say my current wardrobe just isn't cutting the mustard. the only thing my wardrobe is doing is cutting into my stomach. unfortch, the stuff i really really pine for is WAY out of my budget. what's a girl to do?

kimono top

white crops

white tee why in the world is it SO hard to find maternity tees without bunnies and geese or phrases like "big belly" or "what's cookin'?" not exactly the message i want to convey. that's almost like saying, "please come invade my private space and touch my stomach." perhaps one day i will rub someone's stomach right back.


kimono dress with satin obi sash

hot lime green dress

cap sleeve sash top

jersey kimono top

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

netflix, oh how i pine for you

yesterday i was randomly flipping channels and i saw that TCM is showing all oscar winning movies from now until the academy awards ceremony in march! oh joy!!! it was showing one of my all-time favorite movies "sunset boulevard". i tried to tear myself away since i had seen it enough, but how often are REALLY good movies on tv anymore? i am so jealous of those of you that have netflix. i yearn and burn for the ability to rent movies that i actually want to watch. i never even go to blockbuster anymore; all they have is straight to video crap anyway. perhaps i will ask for a netflix plan for my birthday..........
here is my list of what i would rent:
sunset boulevard-creepy, engrossing, depressing, beautiful and tragic all at the same time.
mask-cher doing what she does best, being a trashy biker mom. she just happens to have a horribly disfigured son too. excellent movie.
the elephant man-speaking of disfigurement, this movie makes me weep. so good, makes me want to treat people better.
strictly ballroom-stock up on your sequins and hairspray first. awesome soundtrack too.
shadowlands-don't even bother with make-up the day you watch this. it will just be a waste. leaves you emotionally raw.
sargeant york-i am proud to be a religious person and an american. makes you grateful for simple things.
on golden pond-ignore hanoi jane, this movie will make you excited for the rest of your life with your spouse.
sliding doors-what have you done in your life that completely changed the path that you are on?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

leggin's, yea or nay???

how do we feel about this? in some instances do they count as pants if the shirt is short enough? are they church appropriate?thoughts?