Wednesday, February 28, 2007

that's a good thing

i went to ross dress for less today on a whim. i was searching for maternity stuff and ended up with:

a pair of maternity dress shorts-$9.99
a pair of maternity jeans-$14.99
3 juniors could-pass-as-maternity tops-$7.99 each for a grand total of
it was like i was in college again! i knew i hadn't lost my touch.

on another note, last night was nearly a disaster, but sooperthomas stepped in and saved the day. i was making a more elaborate dinner than usual because we were having the missionaries over. normally our dinners consist of a main dish and a vegetable, but i wanted to show my missionary appreciation by making a dinner with a main dish, vegetable, special dinner rolls, salad and dessert. i had plenty of time and i was very fastidious in my preparation. then tragedy struck. i was rolling the rolls in the parmesan/garlic topping mixture and i realized that it was time to switch gears and get my large pyrex dish out of the cabinet above the counter space i was working on. i reached to grab the dish, not realizing that the dish was being obstructed by some other small dishes on top of it and the large pyrex dish came crashing down on top of my workspace, crushing 3 bowls full of butter and parmesan/garlic and a plate full of the rolls. glass shards flew everywhere and reagan and meatball ran into the kitchen to check out the commotion. meatball(always barefoot) wants to lick all the glass pieces and reagan is only wearing socks on his feet. at this point i am scrambling to get the broken pieces under control and divert the boys away to the other room in order to avoid an emergency room visit. reagan thinks that he is in trouble and begins to cry and wants me to pick him up and cuddle him. i am bawling my eyes out at this point because he is so upset. while i am holding reagan i am trying to pick up some of the smaller pieces of glass off the floor and put them on top of the larger pieces. i am so frazzled that instead of throwing the pieces in the garbage, i throw them in the washing machine. i would like to blame this momentary insanity and overwhelming display of emotion on pregnancy. fresh tears pour from my eyes as i try and pick the smaller pieces out of the nooks and crevices of the washing machine. wonderful thomas was inspired to call me at this point from work and deciphers my weeping, psychobabbling gushing and shows up an hour later with dessert and salad in hand. what a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. YES, he is!


Caroline said...

Yeah on the clothes! I know you look hot!
Oh that story made me cry! How stressful! I HATE stuff like that! THank goodness for wonderful hubbies and I know the missionnaries loved the meal!

Sarah Beck said...

I can't believe that happened shortly after I was on the phone with you. You poor thing!!!

Emily said...

dang girl! i was so sad reading that ---- but then the last sentence cheered me up! Go Thomas! Heidi you are so wonderful!