Thursday, February 01, 2007

leggin's, yea or nay???

how do we feel about this? in some instances do they count as pants if the shirt is short enough? are they church appropriate?thoughts?


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

I'm sure you're surprised by this, but I say a big NAY! I HATE leggings, I think they look sooooooo dumb! For 99% of women, drawing attention to the thickest part of your calf is never a good idea. Also, it's too much of a horrible flashback to the 80's. At least those leggings had lace on the bottom! I don't think it counts as pants, no matter what the length of the shirt and Heidi, PLEASE don't wear them to church! You might as well wear a denim skirt, a t-shirt and flip flops!

Caroline said...

Personally, I don't like them because I am short and frumpy. They would look cute on you. Anyone who will wear Halloween tights to church can pull off leggings to church!

Valoree said...

Depending on whose wearing them, I like them. I think they look cute on little girls and some adults can pull them off. Like you for instance. I don't like them for me. I tried wearing them when they were in style before and they just never were as cute on me as my best friend, Angie. :) But, I don't think they should ever be worn as pants or to church.
The question that has crossed my mind is if you wear them with a skirt that is shorter than you couldn't normally get away with modestly, is that ok?

Paula said...

I have to agree with my sister on this one. I am not a huge fan of the leggings trend but I don't hate it. I am pleased that the high school girls are using the leggings to cover up, but I will not be joining the craze. I think leggings would make me look even shorter and I don't need that. If it works for you, then go for it.

thomasheidisimpson said...

firstly, thanks for all the input.
secondly, this was not a question of whether i should wear them, just a fashion question in general. don't worry girls, i have not lost my mind. i would NEVER wear them to church.
thirdly, i have just been wondering lately how closely my age group of women friends follow some of these trends and if i agree or if i am getting old before my time because i have been feeling old lately.
fourthly, a YW said to me recently that she loved them because she could wear them with skirts that her mother would not normally allow her to wear and my first thought was "does a slightly sheer almost undergarment-like article of clothing equate a mini skirt being modest?" hmmmm. at least it is better than the cellulite poking out of some of these mini skirts.
fifthly, i will probably pose a question like this again. i enjoyed reading the opinions. i was almost like having close friends again. sigh.