Tuesday, February 20, 2007


thomas and i watch the office A LOT. we own both seasons one and two and when we find normal primetime television exceedingly dull (usually monday nights and friday nights) we watch an episode or two. plus outtakes. and then about 20 minutes for reflection and discussion. one thing that we have noticed is that creed is GREAT. hilarious, gross, weird and perfect for the office. to his co-workers, however, his personal life is still a mystery (except for the fact that he is a pervert). but we as viewers have learned a lot about him just through asides to the camera crew. for example, in the booze cruise episode we learn that he traveled around in the sixties with a band called the grassroots and played a mean lead guitar and only has an attention span of 90 seconds. in other episodes we learn of his love for sprouting mung beans (smell like death) in his desk and eating them. he also spent time as a teenager in an iron lung. he is clever at removing gift tags from wedding gifts and replacing them with his own card.

more bits of creed-

eats at a soup kitchen downtown

speaks chinese

doesn't know which one pam is but wants a seat facing the receptionist

has been arrested

steals because "he stopped caring a long time ago"

has four toes on one foot

got devon fired by confusing michael

keeps a dustbuster by his desk

a DJ in the seventies

owned his first refridgerator after he won one at casino night
readers, any other creed favorites or memories???

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