Tuesday, January 15, 2008

what's in a name?

congrats to nicole richie. not only does she have great hair, but she gave her new baby a great name.

while i don't know the origin for the name harlow for nicole richie, for me it is a shout out to screen legend jean harlow, a fellow kansas citian. however, i would spell it harlowe, with an e on the end, as a nod to l.m. montgomery's anne of green gables series.
i have compiled a short list of baby names i love that thomas would never agree to. presenting in no particular order,
a short list of fantastic but unusable baby names for girls:
1. harlowe
2. monroe
3. tatiana
4. gwendolyn
5. illianna
6. iris
7. alabama(just kidding)

and for boys:
1. cruz
2. griffin
3. alastair
4. roman
5. carmichael

finally, i used to think it was so dorky when moms and daughters matched, but wearing fur trim with scarlett is irrisistable to me!

it is unfortunate that my lazy eye had to come out in full force for this picture. paging paris hilton!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

resolutionizing my life(updated)

surprisingly, i did pretty well keeping my resolutions for last year. a few even became habits. that is our ultimate goal, right? i am hoping to do even better this year. i will retry a few of last years and start a few new ones for this year.
behold, the list of resolutions and goals for 2008:
1. run in at least three 5k races
2. complete 3 sewing projects
3. paint my sewing nook
4. complain less, judge less, love more, forgive more
5. write in my journal weekly
6. get a haircut every 2 months( i think my total for last year was 2)
7. attend the temple 6 times
8. experiment with a new recipe twice a month
9. go to bed earlier(10pm) so that i can get up earlier
10. stick to my grocery budget
11. complete visiting teaching every month
12. master the potty with reagan(that one could be very embarassing if it doesn't happen this year)
13. reduce the amount of clutter around the house. get rid of what it not needed. organize what is left over
and three additional ones:
14. create and abide by monthly to read book list
15. one missionary experience a month
16. 300 crunches every other day-no exceptions!