Tuesday, January 15, 2008

what's in a name?

congrats to nicole richie. not only does she have great hair, but she gave her new baby a great name.

while i don't know the origin for the name harlow for nicole richie, for me it is a shout out to screen legend jean harlow, a fellow kansas citian. however, i would spell it harlowe, with an e on the end, as a nod to l.m. montgomery's anne of green gables series.
i have compiled a short list of baby names i love that thomas would never agree to. presenting in no particular order,
a short list of fantastic but unusable baby names for girls:
1. harlowe
2. monroe
3. tatiana
4. gwendolyn
5. illianna
6. iris
7. alabama(just kidding)

and for boys:
1. cruz
2. griffin
3. alastair
4. roman
5. carmichael

finally, i used to think it was so dorky when moms and daughters matched, but wearing fur trim with scarlett is irrisistable to me!

it is unfortunate that my lazy eye had to come out in full force for this picture. paging paris hilton!


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

The stars must have aligned and the second coming is emminent because not only do I like most of those names, I'd actually consider using them to nam one of my very own. (I'll wait while you pick your jaw up off the table)...

I actually want to name our next boy McCallister (which is sorta close to Allister). Our next girl we think we're going to go with Ilsa (a compromise, for us at least, between Elsa and Ilse). Of course, this is all preliminary since I'm currently NOWHERE close to wanting to get pregnant again.

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Um, change that nam to name please.

Emily & Jeremy said...

i think nicole richie's style is awesome - particularly her hair. i'm with you on that one. i read in some article that yes, she did name the baby after the hollywood legend jean harlow. Harlow is a super cute name, i feel like i could never use it, b/c i would be a celebrity copy cat.

Natalie - totally cute girl name to be!! i'm loving Ilsa. very beautiful!!

right now i'm really into estee and simone... and i still am in love with pearce for our first girl, which jeremy has already agreed on.

i'm thinking pearce simone...
then estee reese (wondering if reese is getting too trendy though?)

Caroline said...

oohhh Alabama -what a cool name!

becky said...

Okay, I LOVE these types of names. What can I say -- I'm a throwback to a different era. My husband has freckles, green eyes and a strong jaw line (very classic American hunk-ish) and I envision naming a daughter Hazel. He doesn't see it.

So I bought my L.A.M.B. hoodie from ebay. It was a bargain and it fits so cute -- more of a classic hoodie fit than the newer, closer fitting ones. It hits right at the hip.

You should get one - I LOVE IT! :)