Sunday, June 19, 2011

the non-compliment compliment

i love a good non-compliment. like when someone is trying really hard to say something nice to you, but they can't formulate the words and they don't really want to endorse anything. i appreciate the effort.
 a few of my faves:
"look at you!"
"only you could pull that off!"
"you are on another level!"
"you are really wearing that!"
"you march to your own drummer!"
or when you are looking particularly wacky and someone simply says,
or if you are wearing bright orange pants,
"hello orange pants!"

maybe i dress weird enough that i'm the only one who has people say things like this to them? anybody?

i think i was rather tame today. ladylike even.
hat- bakers
t shirt- kohls
belt- fossil
skirt- thrifted
shoes- amanda smith

and happy father's day to thomas. the only person allowed to make fun of my clothes. that's love.


Carie said...

Ah yes. The un-compliment compliment. Love those. The one that I always get is: "That is such a Carie (shirt/dress/outfit)." Translation, "I would never wear that."

With your permission, I would like to reserve the right to say "Only you can pull that off," because when I say it, I really do mean it as a compliment. You have to know that not everyone can pull off your looks. You have a certain je ne sais quoi that the rest of us lack.

Lili said...

Haha, yeah! When they come with the matching tone, I usually reply: "Thank you! ... I think" :-D
Ah, but nevermind them. You've got a natural fierceness and they're just envious. Or afraid ^^ Little pussyfooters.

Relatable Style

modernmom said...

My favorite non-compliment is when my husband looks at me and says, "You look normal today." Then I feel like I need to go change everything I put on... :)

The Elegant Bohemian said...

The fit on that skirt is PERFECTION!! It's so funny, I can go to a dept store and never find the right fit, but I drop in at the thrift store and I can find something that looks like it was tailor made for me! By the way, that was a compliment!! :) ~Serene

Jessica said...

that hat is ADORABLE on you. i love it. and the whole outfit looks super chic to me. but, i'm with carie in that if i were to say only you could pull something off i mean that as a true compliment!

(kind of random side-note -- we were playing this "m&m game" yesterday with the kids where they pick an m&m to eat and then whatever color it is corresponds with a card with questions on it and then everyone has to answer it. well, sophie got the question "what do you love about me?" -- great question, right? hahahaha -- we all took our turn to answer that and i had to laugh out loud when grace's response was that she loves sophie's "interesting outfits." hahahahaha. how's that for a non-compliment compliment? hahahaha.)

and this is a really long comment.

Daisy said...

I love what are you wearing in this photos, yoou look fab.

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Rachel said...

heidi you look really beautiful, especially that last picture. You look great in that hat!

Tiffany said...

You look gorgeous in that hat! Honestly and truly, I could never pull it off. lol With my short hair, I tend to look like a boy in hats!

Heather said...

hahahahahaha! you are hilarious! I love your style, wacky or not. Don't worry, I get those comments all the time, sometimes from my adoring hubs even. My favorite is "wow, you are so creative with what you wear" Yeah. You aren't fooling anyone with that one friends. Cute cute blog!!!

-Heather from

Shana said...

Look at you in that skirt...haha seriously..I laughed out loud when I read that...soo true..My recent one was... "You really know how to wear clothes" haha ummmm...I seriously love that skirt on you you are so pretty in white! haha still laughing about your comments...cuz now everything I say sounds silly! Thank you for linking up to Thrifters Anonymous really..


Salt H2O said...

The one I use is "Wow, It takes quite a man to pull off...." insert color here.

Luckily with men they take anything to be a compliment.

Cydney said...

Look at you!

Cydney said...

Just kidding. :) You look lovely! Also hilarious.

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

SO TRUE! You are hilarious!! I'm your newest follower ;)

Love your whole outfit! The shoes pull it all together with that skirt!


Anonymous said...

That hat looks great on you!

MissRockwell said... are working that skirt! LOL. It looks fab on you. And yes, I get those comments too...especially the ones that point out an object of clothing that you have on--> 'hey,black pants'-i hate those, they make me cringe. Though I appreciate the compliment, 'excuse me, miss' will work just fine! haha