Wednesday, June 29, 2011

really random

i was pretty proud of myself for putting together a head to toe look NOT comprising of anything from target. and i love me some target. their inexpensive but current fashions dominate my closet. occasionally, as a personal challenge to myself, i try to pull outfits together sans target. call it sartorial stretching.
cardigan- loft
blouse- tj maxx
shorts- gap
shoes- amanda smith
tote- gigi hill

other things skills i am trying to stretch are my healthy eating skillz and increase my fitness performance(i'm semi-pro, right?). i've been eating oatmeal with a pinch of brown sugar and a handful of blueberries for breakie.and a cold chicken breast and parmesan for lunch/post workout protein. almost as much fun as not eating. in fact i'll go not eat right now and just laugh and laugh. but, if anyone has a good protein shake, i'm taking suggestions. really. has anyone tried casein protein peanut butter chocolate and live to tell?
cardigan=movie theater

we saw cars 2. not as good as the first one. but really, what is?
this was really random. the end.


Julie said...

Love it!
I need to go to the movies soon. Just so I can bust out a cardigan. Stupid hot weather. Totally kills my ideas for layering!s

Jenna said...

On protein shakes: GNC had a chocolate that was perfect & they discontinued it. (lovely...) I bought chocolate muscle milk powder at Costco & I like it. I can give you a scoop of suspicious powder at church on Sunday & you can try it if you'd like.

We saw Cars 2 last night & we liked it a lot, but there were some snoozey parts in between the funny scenes.

Anonymous said...

I love tj m as much as I love target, both great and awesome affordable stuff, that top is gorgeous, I saw cars over the weekend of course favorite was the first one, but it was cute!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Emily Curfew said...

You are gorgeous!!!

Peggy said...

My closet is chocked full o Target too! Good job branching out! We want to see Cars 2!

Monica Whitney said...

I'm so jealous of this blouse. So jealous.

Ask the Duplex

modernmom said...

Hey! We took our kids to see Cars 2, and I wore a cardigan too. Look at us all matchy! :)

HJolley said...

Daniel buys vanilla protein shake powder. Two scoops of that with some frozen bananas and a little milk. Blend. Put in freezer for 10 minutes, and it comes out like ICE CREAM. Fool your brain. It's what we do.

Jess said...

Charlie uses Myofusion Protein Powder by Gaspari. He likes the chocolate...adds bananas and peanut butter. Our girls love it, too.