Friday, June 10, 2011

man! i feel like a woman

t shirt- kohl's(interestingly enough, i don't like soda. i'm one of those people.)
chambray skirt- belk(old)
shoes- target

i already sweat like a man.
i already eat like a man.
(and i have the sense of humor of a pre-pubescent boy)
now i smell like one too.
but that's good. because i prefer men's cologne to the cloying smell of women's perfume any day.
i was at el wal*mercado yesterday looking for the (isopropyl) alcohol and i happened upon this facewash with a coupon sticking to it. some kind soul had clipped the coupon out of the pennysaver and attached it to a bottle of nivea for men facewash. apparently they hadn't planned on using it and just wanted to pass along the good deal. $2 off! boom. i hope they were sharing it. nevertheless, i picked it up and walked away quickly.
Nivea for Men Moisturizing Face Wash
i enjoy a good nivea product and good smelling men's product so i used it this morning and i loved smelling my face all day. it was like i was on a date with myself all day. i'd date me. we'd go somewhere nice too. not like that guy that took me on a date to climb a water tower.


modernmom said...

I too have the sense of humor of a teenaged boy. So we would get along just fine and dandy. However, I hate mens products, and would be just as happy if my husband and sons only used dial (gold) the rest of my life. (I figure if I am dead they can do whatever they want...) That being said, I don't really like very many womens smell-good stuff either. My every day choice? Purpose soap for my face, and lotion and body spray in "white tea & ginger" by Bath and Body Works. I order it by the case. Yep, we could totally be BFF's. (Like peas and carrots)

modernmom said...

Wow, that was a long comment. Sorry to hijack your blog like that...

Shana said...
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Shana said...

haha...I hear ya...umm those shoes are super sexy...TARGET? Nice!!! You need to link those up to the Thrifters Anonymous Meeting on Monday! I am sure they were not too expensive.


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Lili said...

I used a men's shower gel for years, I like how the men products smell on me, too :-D Maybe it's some strange type of skin-scent-reaction we got going on there :-)

Leah said...

I love my husband's shampoo and think it works on my hair WAY better than the $$ stuff I was buying for myself. Guys stuff is DEF better :)

Brittany-Trends250 said...

i love the skirt!

Heather said...

hahaha I don't do soda either! I take one sip and I'm ridiculously bubbly!

-Heather from