Sunday, June 05, 2011

the longest post about nothing of consequence

i got my hairs did yesterday. it had been nearly 1 year since i had a haircut. i don't know why i do this is myself. this is before:
not bad, but about 4 inches of scraggle.

and this is the picture i brought for inspiration(ignore the blindingly ample bosom, if you can.):

and after:
wah wah, fail. i don't know why i always expect anything but a flat mom hair helmet, but that's what i get everytime. i don't even ask for it! i want wild! i want beachy southern debutante! and i get blah. and that is why i only get my hair cut once a year. the horrible fear of flat, bland hair.

on another note, after i put my boring hair up in a lifeless, no personality bun, thomas and i had a real deal date and we ended up at target looking at birthday presents for scarlett and books for us. all the paperback romances were 25% off!

and wouldn't you know it, rob lowe has the blogger pose DOWN!

 i did not realize that i was pointing right at his personal bizness. completely inadvertent mistake. merely confirming his blogger pose.

and then i style my hair myself today and i realized that everything is going to be okay.

no matter how trendy, front pleating is just not flattering. a millionbillion crunches a week and one pleated skirt undoes it all. it looks like a front diaper. like early 90s beverly hills 90210 front-butt jeans. or in some circles known as kelly taylor-gluteus-fronteus-maximus.
 maybe not that severe, but it makes me self-conscious
blouse- thrifted
skirt- thrifted(and hemmed with unmatching red thread!)
belt- gap
shoes- thrifted

body combat tomorrow!


Jessica said...

i am almost ALWAYS frustrated/aggravated/displeased/annoyed, etc. after getting MY hair did. i wonder how common an emotion that is? one thing i always tell myself is that the difference between an okay haircut and a better one is about a week. i love the way you've styled yours though. i think it looks great.

Slow Southern Style said...

First off your hair is like a sexy 70s secretary in the best way possible. Second I love that hot pink blouse with the purple skirt. Rawr!

Julie said...

Color blocking at it's best! Seriously, looks even better in person :)
ps-I almost wore a hot pink blouse to church yesterday too. Good thing I didn't. That might have been awkward...

Colleen said...

Hey, don't even worry fret over it, your hair looks great. =] Cute blog, I'm following now. Return the gesture?

Loads of Love,

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

you, my friend, are pullin' off the pleated panel front skirt just fine...i cannot so much, i remember shopping in the boys/mens department in jr. high, just to avoid having to wear those awful travesties of fashion wear for my body type:) and now the high waisted stuff is back in style, too....oh dear for me.....

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

I think long haired beauties tend to have more issues with hair cuts. Everyone I know who complains about a messed up hair cut, or the stylist not doing it right, or unevenness, etc, has hair below their shoulders. I wonder what it is about longer hair that stylists have trouble with? You would think it would be opposite - that short hair would be easier to see mistakes and harder to cut...deep thoughts by nbkg.

Deep thoughts aside, I like the cut! It looks healthier and of course, gorgeous!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Looks like Kelly Rowland's been shopping in your style closet:
Front pleat skirt, huh?

Freelance Shop-A-Holic said...

Amazing. You are just. Amazing!!!!!!

I love your hair. And that outfit... Love

Natasha said...

You totally rock the colour blocking...I think you're a bit crazy thinking the skirts unflattering!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired