Friday, June 24, 2011

straight outta costco

if we are facebook friends, then you already know my big news from this week. i killed a snake in my garage with just my bare hands(bare hands gripping a shovel that i hacked the poor thing up with). that's how tough i am. normally i wouldn't kill woodland animals, but scarlett was off the heezy about of it and i figured that if i ever want to have the kids go in the garage again, i need to be able to say that i took care of the snake problem. but when it comes down to it, i AM hardcore. i'm badder than bad. next on my list is to get all my teeth capped gold and spell out my name in rhinestones a la flavor flav.

but i ain't straight outta compton, i'm straight outta costco.
dress- target
vest- wal*mart
shoes- target

the funny thing is, the rappers who started gangsta rap and all that have gone soft(not that i'm complaining).
take snoop dogg. he did a christmas episode with big time rush on teen nick. for real. that makes me shake in my boots.

and ice cube. from founding member of NWA to kids comedy movie star.

and ice-t. his new reality show debuts this summer. it's about his happy with life with his former video vixen wife.
ice loves coco? from the man who brought us cop killer?

these guys make seth green look like suge knight.
speaking of seth green, if you haven't seen his version of cribs, you need to follow this link. i apologize but embedding was disabled on this particular clip. but it is worth the click and the 2 minutes and 45 seconds that it takes to watch. he may just be the new dave ramsey.


Style Journey said...

Oh my gosh! I am totally cracking up. That was hilarious.

And I thought the same thing when I saw Snoop Dogg on Big Time Rush also.

Oh and you are so hardcore for killing a snake! I would have freaked out :)

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Seth Green is HILARIOUS! I will watch just about any movie that he's in. Two of my favorites: Can't Hardly Wait and The Italian Job. I laugh every time he's on screen.

And there's never been a doubt in my mind of how hard core you are. I remember all the painful shoes you wore in college! I wouldn't want to run into you in a dark alley!

Jenna said...

Are those the wasabi chips that I spy in your cart?

Emily Curfew said...

love it . you are coo-coo-crazy. that costco pic is the bomb dot com

Rachelle said...

you are stinkin' adorable. not that you stink. you know what i! you know what i want to see - a picture of your closet! you have the coolest outfits and they are all different - i bet you have one heck of a closet!

you are my fav fashion model :)

Jess said...

loved the clip!!

Rachel said...

That is hilarious! I loved that clip of Seth Green :) And so smart too!

MerciBlahBlah said...

You killed a snake in your garage?!!! Can I borrow your services in the extermination biz the next time you're in the hood? We have seen three or four snakes in our back yard this summer. We live a little tooooo close to nature for my comfort. I mean, I love all the trees, but I do NOT need snakes all up in my bizness. I don't care if they ARE garden snakes/garter snakes/gummy snakes. THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE NEAR MY BACK STEPS.

That is all. I think I'm done with my rant.