Sunday, June 26, 2011

outfit math plus a side pony

i like all the colors and elements of this outfit(and a side pony to boot!) but i think it falls under the either/or principle. either your top needs to be fitted and your bottom flowy or vice versa. and my belt needs to be more narrow because i think the width and darkness of this one makes my waist seem thicker. for me, i think a more fitted bottom is better because i can disguise my complete lack of bust and very narrow shoulders under a looser top better than covering my wide hips with full pleats. pleats over curves just translates as bigger rather than more trim. am i boring you yet?
this is like outfit math:
 which proportion is most flattering on you? carry the one, multiply by pi, add a side ponytail even though you are way too old for those shenanigans and then thank your lucky stars that you passed basic math one week before graduating college and then wonder how you ever got a job in finance. oops, not your life story? just mine? 
blouse- charlotte russe
belt- new york and company(really old)
skirt- banana republic(hemmed)
shoes- thrifted

i also find that if i stand at an angle, my hips are minimized and that's always a good thing. there is better silhouette definition and my waist looks smaller. okay, i'll stop already. i'm boring myself.



Will and Natalie Giddens said...

"and then thank your lucky stars that you passed basic math one week before graduating college" - fun times! I remember trying to help you with that in Crown 5. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

I love that shirt on you. The colors and fit are both fabulous.

Karen said...

That's funny. I worked in finance too and when I would get comments like "you must be really good at math". Haha, mostly it was just basic math...especially since the invention of excel.

Peggy said...

you look fab in that shirt- it's such a good color and fit on you!

Julie said...

I think you pulled it off even if the top and bottom are looser! And obviously the side pony is AWESOME :) Might have to try that one...

MerciBlahBlah said...

A) Your hurr = PERFECTION
b) Your blouse looks like a Tucker.

Love them both.


Monica Whitney said...

This top is amazing. and i LOVE the color.

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